Open thread: Tillis and McCrory lovefest

Money quote from Thom Tillis: I love it! Middle class families get screwed, darkies go to jail, the air gets polluted ... and we get richer and richer and richer. Sweet!


Poor Phil Berger

It must be hard being the poor cousin in this cabal.

xtranormal videos

I love these text to movie videos

Thanks for taking the time to say so

Sometimes blogging can feel like a lonely quest, especially when one spends hours creating a video that gets no comments. I really appreciate your note.

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Public Alert from NC Conservation Network

State legislators are starting the New Year back in Raleigh this week for a quick veto override session. One of the vetoed bills that some anti-environmental legislators may try to override is Senate Bill 709 (S709). This bad bill promotes “fracking”, a controversial form of drilling for natural gas.

Send a message to your state Representative today, urging them to say NO to fracking in North Carolina:

contact your Representative here:

Pat "Not Gay" McHenry

Throws a hissyfit because Obama's behaving like George W. Bush and Ronnie Raygun. What a dork.