Our racist state

Right-wing extremists like to remind us that the Civil War ended more than 100 years ago, often claiming that black people have "had long enough" to shake off generations of slavery. It's time, they say, for blacks to compete on equal footing and to end any vestiges of affirmative action.

Now, thanks to the good work of The Center for American Progress, our response can be boiled down to a single damning fact:

On a per student basis, each white student receives about $334 more in district spending than each black student.

Hat tip to Progressive Pulse for digging up the story. More below the fold.

Racially-isolated schools such as those described in the report are associated with a higher share of students with special needs, more students who are at risk of failing, and the increased financial burdens related to educating students with other challenging educational obstacles. One would expect that racially-isolated schools such as these would receive the greatest share of federal funding rather than a disproportionately small one.

However, the federal government actually sends more money for teacher salaries to wealthier districts employing teachers who are more experienced and more likely to possess credentials like National Board Certification. This policy is mirrored in North Carolina, where the state sends more money to districts that have more experienced and highly skilled teachers than to districts with more inexperienced teachers. Both North Carolina and the Department of Education need to significantly alter the way they allot scarce education funding dollars to ensure that the money is actually reaching the students who need it most.


"Our" state

I've been in the mountains for a week, with some time spent looking into the history of "our" state. Bottom line? White people invaded this land, destroyed the established culture through genocide, built a new culture on the backs of black slaves. It's hard to imagine any god who would smile upon our savage ways ... and it's no wonder we Americans have to persist with our claims of exceptionalism.

The more one studies the history of our planet and the human race, the more one must conclude that American society is a scourge on human decency.

I've started reading the People's History of the United States

by Howard Zinn

White people invaded this land, destroyed the established culture through genocide, built a new culture on the backs of black slaves

This is certainly his opinion too. The only saving grace I can see for this country is our somewhat compromised ability to assimilate people from other cultures. The melting pot, it turns out, is our silver lining.