Our Sharia is preferable to Their Sharia??

Is there some NC group tracking this stuff?

This (below the fold) was in the local, two editions/week paper. You would think a "Baptist" would realize that there might be some variations in Muslims -- since there's a bit of variation in just the folks that call themselves Baptists.

Also, gotta love the "girls" vs "men" thing.

Speaker to share concern for American girls who want to marry Muslim men
Everyone is invited to attend the Ladies Meeting on Saturday, Feb. 18 at 3 p.m. at Somerset Baptist Church. The speaker will be Sarah Ibrahim.
David Ibrahim will speak at the Sunday morning service on Feb. 19 at 11 a.m. at Somerset Baptist Church.
David and Sarah Ibrahim are Christians who have come to America from Pakistan to escape persecution from followers of Islam.
They have both written books about the deception of Islam and what the vocabulary really means.
Sarah has written a book titled, Before You Say ‘I Do’ to a Muslim.
On Saturday, Sarah will share her burden for women who are thinking about marrying a Muslim. She wants to share her burden and concern as more than 20,000 American girls end up marrying Muslim men.
The consequence of those marriages, the role of women in the sight of a Muslim as well as how the Quran describes her will be the topics of discussion.
Women of all ages are invited.

Somerset Baptist is in Roxboro and there are videos of some of their services on-line.



They're getting more active since Trump

At the core of this couple's "teaching" is the same nonsense as the right-wing nutters who just met in the Winston-Salem area talking about killing Muslims. Islamists trying to take over the West, it's all a big plot, blah blah blah.

The irony is, they're actually trying to radicalize people here, to fight a war that doesn't really exist. Sound familiar?