Dear BlueNC Community,

From the beginning, this campaign has been about over-committing. Starting almost two years ago, we have worked tirelessly to bring the voice of progress to Southern Wake County and to all of North Carolina. We have spent the last year door-knocking virtually every weekend, reaching over 15,000 voters so far and even more in the next 28 days. Our phone banks are now live, calling voters every week. We held a dozen fundraising events, sent out many mailings, and solicited online donations regularly.

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And it has brought results: Our polls show a virtual tie, but with over 25% of the voters still undecided. We have raised almost $80,000 from hundreds of individual contributors, enough to keep us competitive in this close, tough race.

So when I reviewed our budget and goals for the final push in this campaign, I again over committed. I have to write a check on October 17th that is $5000 more that we have on hand today. I knew that I could count on you to close the gap in our budget so we can win. So I am asking you to "over-commit" and make your most generous, final contribution you can today.

Please over-commit by $10, $25, $50, or $100 today, so we can over-commit with a strong victory on November 4th.


Thank you,



Thanks Ed.


Doubts about Dole?

Donation made, but

I may be knocking on your door looking for a place to stay soon. If you don't say "no" within two minutes, I'm going to assume that's okay. ;)

p.s. tell Ryan I get the top bunk, and if he snores there will be dire consequences.

Good luck, buddy

We're all rooting for you. :)