Palin doesn't like Burr any more than North Carolina does

Who'd have thought I'd ever agree with Sarah Palin. This excerpt from the Atlantic, emphasis added:

"We were informed today that she (Sarah Palin) no longer wishes to do talk radio interviews in the car. It's too distracting," wrote a senior Palin adviser, in an e-mail to senior headquarters staffers. "We were informed today that she no longer wishes to do TV or print interviews post-rally. She's drained. We were informed of her displeasure that her host and US Senator Richard Burr was allowed to ride the Straight Talk Express II with her."

What a pickle for the Lawnmower Man! After all his gushing about Caribou Barbie, turns out she couldn't even stand to travel with the guy. Maybe we'll finally hear his side of the story, and discover that he thought she was an opportunistic airhead all along ... and all that good stuff he said was, ummm, nothing but lies?

Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., said in a statement that Palin's record shows substantive accomplishments.

"Governor Palin is a strong, pro-life conservative with a proven track record of reform in Alaska, effectively bringing accountability and transparency to government," Burr said. "Her experience as a chief executive of a state that is at the forefront of the energy debate will complement John McCain's experience and leadership."


Geez and you would think that

birds of a feather......

There goes the base

Today's polling showed that after this story broke, Burr lost 88% of his base support.

How can you win in 2010 if Sarah Palin doesn't bestow her blessings upon you, Bank Run?

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

We need to be very careful here

Since Palin's book has been published, there has been a great many negatives put out by various left wing sources in what looks like an effort to negate any popularity Palin may gain. I think we democrats and our party should be very careful not to go overboard in going after Palin. Our best bet in my opinion would be to just let this new notariety Palin is realizing faze out. We have to be honest here. Palin would be a godsend for democrats if she does decide to run for president and actually gets the nomination. It would be a certain win for Obama's second term.

However, if we make her out to be a martyr of sorts and the independant/conservative democratic voters see the democratic party as being too "sexist" or coming up with too many things against her, this could backfire big time.

Probably right

Well, at least we agree on part of what I said :)

And, I agree with you that the GOP will never allow Palin to become "national" again.

Palin/Beck in 2012!

from Think Progress....

In a new interview with Newsmax, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin hinted that a “dream ticket” of Palin and Fox News host Glenn Beck is not out of the question

Palin is out for bucks

This sounds more like hype than reality to me. James made a good point a day or so ago when he said that Palin is more about being a money machine than being a candidate for anything.

Beck is a nutcase and I think the republican party would steer clear of him if for no other reason than worrying about what he might come out with on the campaign trail.

Palin is in the spotlight now and is making more money than she could ever have realized in public office. Todd and children just have to be telling her to stay with her popularity for the sake of financial gain.

No woman that would be considering running for a national political office would want to see a photo of herself in short-shorts to be published on the cover of Newsweek. I know she has raised hell about that picture being put there, but really, who here believes that is real?