Parker Promoted to Chief Justice

I couldn't let this pass without notice: Gov. Easley elevated NC Supreme Court Justice Sarah Parker to the Chief Justice position vacated by I. Beverly Lake. If I'm not mistaken (and I often am), Parker is the last Democrat on the court. Don't fall into the common mistake of confusing her with Sarah Jessica Parker; despite any apparent similarities, they are in fact different people.


Hollywood comes to John Hood and Pope a Dope thinkers

Knowing the conservative mind set at the Pope rope Dope
Foundation. They will be claiming this is a vast left wing
conspiracy with two hollywood communists or progressives
using Hollywood names to seize control of the Supreme Court
of North Carolina.. Sara J. Parker the sin of the city and
Rachel Lea Hunter the Super model as associate justice.

Quote by John Hood 3 weeks ago " Easley would never appoint
Judge Parker to the Chief Justice seat for fear of losing anothre
another Democrat seat on the court."

There you go

calling them "thinkers." More like knee-jerk reactionaries. Their Pavlovian responses are so predictable, it's hard to imagine that any thinking actually intervenes between the "bell" and their slobbering.