The Parkerization of the Democratic Party

The General Assembly on Jones Street continues to churn out legislation that fails to nourish the state’s people, but rather serves them up a starvation diet while the GOP serves their corporate masters at ALEC the laws they want for maximizing corporate profits. The GOP on Jones Street has fifty card carrying members of ALEC among its numbers, and they serve Tarheels only a future prepared for them in the corporate blender which no one wants to drink.

All Tarheel Democrats need to hold their elected officials accountable. These legislators were elected to serve the people of NC, not solely business interests, as they have. Their true agenda is now clear, to serve business profits above all else, including the best interests of the people of NC.

Active Tarheel Democrats must remind them of this repeatedly, and make them and our fellow Tarheels aware of our visceral alarm. We need job stimulation, not tax cuts alone.

Cuts to social programs and education must end.

Instead of debating the merits of a video or finding fault with each other, active Democrats should be debating the GOP in the open theater of Jones Street. Instead of airing our differences like a gaggle of children bickering at the family picnic, Democrats should be holding the GOP accountable in the streets like Rev. Barber called us to do earlier this week, as I did last Tuesday night when the people protested the nightmare of legislation passed so far, and that is being passed right now on Jones St.

However what we have right now is Democrats fighting each other, instead fighting of Thom Tillis, Phil Berger and Anthony Apodaca and their fellow ALEC shills. One year after the Party divided over keeping faith in leadership behind David Parker, this divide still exists, the old party looking to past office-holders for guidance, and the new one, looking for leadership from the grassroots.

Don’t be surprised when these bickering children try once again to harm their chair instead of concentrating their talents where they should, against the true enemy of the people, the GOP General Assembly busily stripping protections and jobs from the people from their lair on Jones Street.

Watch for more silly tricks, tweets, false attacks, ginned up charges and trip-ups by these folks aimed at their elected chair, rather than seeing any work from them to contribute to the protection of the people, and the return of the Party of the people to power on Jones St. This group has given new meaning to the word Parkerized. It began a year ago, and continues today. It no longer means to protect and improve, for them it is to strip and abuse, and by their meaning, they want to Parkerize the Democratic Party for their own uses, not for the people of North Carolina.

David Parker has been a long time loyal Democrat and servant to the cause, now he will be remembered as the avatar for a zombie horde cannibalizing their own. He deserved better and the people of NC deserve better.


Your assessment as to the

Your assessment as to the "old party" vs. the grassroots is a little flawed. When you look at those who criticized David Parker (and those who now do the same Randy Voller) it cuts across the traditional lines of the new and old guard. First and foremost the party needs to be working on recruiting candidates, raising money, and being a whistle-blower against the party in power. The rule of keeping focused like a laser applies to all, leadership and grassroots Democrats.

Stop being divisive.

I agree, but unity will happen when people stop being divisive and then accusing everyone else of being divisive.

The party has to learn to be an opposition party. That requires unity and discipline, not a free for all.

That means letting the new ED take over. The newly appointed one.

This supposed split in the NC Dems predates Parker

It really started in 2009 with the ill advised election of David Young as chairman. The coattails of the 2008 Obama campaign helped widen the cracks by concentrating influence and power outside the party. It all worked out well enough in 2008 but by 2010 NC was ripe for disaster. With ineffectual leadership and political operatives used to doing things outside of the NCDP, 2010, with no Obama on the ticket, resulted in a good ole butt kicking.

I do wonder how Dem. politics would have played out had Parker won the chair in 2009 instead of Young. Might not have made that much of a difference in the overall makeup of the GA in 2010, but with Parker, Dems might not have made it so easy for the Pope crew to take over so completely.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Parker might have, Young should have. Voller unites us.

Enough, already, the governor used to appoint the Chair, then he nominated the Chair, now the Governor is a Republican, so get over it already. The Chair was elected in a fair, free grass roots campaign last winter.

It is beyond time to quit acting like children and stand united against the ALEC led legislature. Remember, the one with over 50 members who admit to being members of ALEC as well? The GOP led legislature? That one?

I am not sure what "enough already" refers to

If you do not want discussion about the past then do not mention it in your OP. LIkewise, coining perjoritive phrases like "Parkerization" invite response. David Parker deserves better than to be turned into a negative verb. I like and voted for Voller though I do not like the smell of the 12 appointments to the EC.

CHildren make fun of people's names. If you really want everyone to "quit acting like children" I suggest you lead by example.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Parker does deserve better.

Parkerization refers to the failed attempt by a group to end his chairmanship a year ago. It was wrong then, and these continuing attacks on Mayor Voller are wrong now. This same group is upset that Mayor Voller was elected in a fair and free grass roots campaign to the NCDP Chair, for reasons only they completely understand. The attempt by these people to attack Mayor Voller is the continuation of Parkerization, and it will not stand.

The NCDP should concentrate on attacking the ALEC-inspired GOP legislature, and join in the protests against the nightmare on Jones street, and stop this pointless and damaging fighting within the party.

Voller is a distraction

Voller is nothing more than a distraction at a time when the Democrats need unification. His tax problems put many people off. The voters expect their leaders to be able to handle their own finances!

I am sure the GOP hopes Voller stays strong.

I think you might want to take a t look at the details of

the tax issue. My understanding is that is was not his finanaces that were in question. He took on the debts incurred by the family business. Seems like you, and other people, might just be looking for an excuse.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Perception is reality

People read the headlines about not paying income taxes. Do you really think they will investigate why taxes are not being paid. Get real.

But Voller did get NC a spot on Jon Stewart's show so that is good, I suppose.

Well if you want to be part of the political world

that deals in superficialities, go right a head. Sounds like a very republican, Fox "News" way to view the world, but suit yourself.

We are supposed to be the party that proudly weighs the facts when considering our stances on the issues of the day. If all you want to consider are headlines and 30 second soundbites then you are part of the problem.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

The only distraction is by bitter YD's.

These people never got over the failure of their various serial candidates to win the Chair. One would think they would learn to support a winner when he extends a hand in friendship, as Mayor Voller has done, many times. Just last Tuesday he asked people to come with him to fight the true opposition on Jones Street. Once again, those people refused to join him, and preferred to divide the party, when we need to unite against the GOP and protest the nightmare on Jones Street.

Instead they cause bogus controversy with a tweet from a Party event no less, dig up irrelevant personal information and spread it through media friends, and now still refuse to accept that their Chair used the party procedures correctly as written, because they still refuse to accept that their candidate(s) lost in a free and fair grass roots campaign last winter.

This party, in order to win next year, must refuse to be distracted by these disgruntled losers and unite behind the winner Randy Voller. He is capable and personable and strong. He has the ability to lead this party to victory. He is exactly what we need in Goodwin House to unite the factions and help the county organizations. We need to support him.

YD's Not the Problem

Time and time again YD's are viewed as the future of the Party and yet there are those who think they should just shut up and sit down because they have a divergent opinion. From what I can tell, many of the YD leaders are very accomplished. They've been county chairs, members of the Democratic National Committee, leaders in the Young Democrats of America, and have worked on or led campaigns at the local, state, and national level. It does not appear as though the YD's that have aired their criticisms openly (and hoping to have them addressed openly) are amateurs. That's just my view of them.

The way we should view criticism is the way that Theodore Roosevelt, whom I'm convinced would be a Democrat today, viewed criticism when he said, "To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

YD's Behaving Very Badly.

No one disputes T. Roosevelt's statement, nor do they expect subservient behavior from today's YDs. Randy Voller encourages them to run for office and serve on local boards, and he extends real help to those who do.

There have, however, been some YD's engaged in behavior that is regrettable, they have exhibited immorality that is to be deplored.

It is this behavior by YD's I mean: the 3 months past have seen a steady stream of character attacks based on outright lies concerning his personal life, which are distorted and then planted in the local political blogs, untrue and very harmful to his wife and friends. Dealing with these ulterior attacks takes time and is damaging, however untrue they are. This damages his ability to serve as effectively as he is capable and willing to do.

Randy is a reformer, his opponents have vowed to attack him fulltime to limit his ability to make change and transparency to the structure of the NCDP. The old party lost power, it does not deserve to control the NCDP anymore. It lost on Feb 2, and it cannot accept the future, represented by Mayor Voller and his enthusiastic grass roots progressive supporters.

This is why the YD's cling to the red-eyed, wizened and withered former governor they trot out at every opportunity. He represents the old ways of patronage and, incidentally, the failure of the party after the century's end.

Contrast that with this: today Randy Voller said "I also had the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Colbert Busch to congratulate her on a well-run, hard-fought campaign in South Carolina. She extended her gratitude to NCDP for loaning critical materials and resources to her campaign."

This man is a winner, not a whiner, he builds relationships and communities and communicates with everyone instead of hiding behind silly tricks and mirages. He is building the winning NCDP of the future county and district by county and district. Please join him in fighting the GOP, and get out of his way, so he can lead us, instead of refusing to acknowledge your several (serial) candidates all lost. YD's should co-operate and oppose the GOP, not the chair. This after-the-fact campaign is only hurting the party, and the future of all candidates for the Democrats going forward.


Even as a supporter of Voller's, I find this back and forth destructive, demeaning, and not worthy of the party I belong to.

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