Pat doesn't understand irony

Guvnor McCrony continues to harbor the stupid idea that government is exactly like a business, and he seems to think that he has to go around "improving" it. One of his "improvements" was to form NC GEAR, an agency focused on improving government efficiency and effectiveness.

As our friends at NC Policy Watch note, "there's nothing inherently wrong with that". They also correctly note, however, that the folks appointed to run NC GEAR -- Art Pope and Joe Coletti, one of Art's John Locke flunkies who for years has been advocating crippling funding cuts to most all facets of state government, but especially education -- seem more interested in eliminating government than in improving it.

Yesterday the legislative oversight committee got a report from Mr. Coletti and they than impressed.

"Our focus is not about making government bigger or smaller. It’s about making it more effective," Coletti told the panel, adding that NC GEAR would bring recommendations to lawmakers next February and then assist in the implementation of any changes.

Coletti said the program started bringing people on board in November and hired consulting firm Deloitte in April after a competitive bid process. He said, so far, the program has spent about $1 million, mostly on the consulting contract.

So in the "year of GEAR", you apparently sat around for a few months, then hired some people and hired a consultant. Better have a seat, you must be exhausted! Oh and coincidentally, just yesterday, the day you had to report to your overseers, you launched a web site where the public can give you ideas. No wonder you won't have anything to present for another 8 months -- in the past year, you haven't done squat.

When Sen. Jeff Tarte, R-Mecklenburg, asked him for a sneak preview, Coletti declined: "I don’t have anything specific to share with you at this point, sir."

After a year on the job, Coletti has "nothing specific to share". What has he been doing to justify his taxpayer-funded salary all these months? What are the taxpayers getting for their money?

"When we sit here in February, if we get a report back that doesn’t have new directions the legislature has not considered," said Sen. Ralph Hise, R-Mitchell, "then whatever we spent will be a complete waste of money."

Even Hise gets it right once in awhile.

Can Pat, Art & Joe not see the extreme irony? A program that's supposed to make government more efficient is a prime example of what is wrong with government -- made-up jobs funded by taxpayers and filled by political cronies who aren't accountable.

That's precisely the sort of waste, inefficiency and government sloth that Pat, Art & Joe rail against. The best way for NC GEAR to identify government waste is to buy themselves a mirror.


$4M price tag

Four million dollars is what's budgeted for NC GEAR. Mr. Coletti says he's spent $1M and there's nothing to show for it except a very basic web site.

The consultant will eventually get $3M. The NC GEAR price tag might go up before they're done.

In about a year's time, as nearly as we can tell, almost nothing has been done.

We want to know how much Mr. Coletti is getting paid, and whether or not he also remains employed by any of Art Pope's web of organizations.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014


Was nothing but a placeholder when he worked for the Puppetshow, and it looks like things have only gotten worse. It's all just Art Pope's fancy money-laundering machine.