Patrick Cannon arrested after FBI sting operation

Just what the Democratic Party needed, another corruption case:

FBI agents – working on a tip that Cannon, 47, was potentially involved in illegal activities – started an investigation in August 2010.

Cannon solicited and accepted money bribes and things of value from undercover FBI agents, who were posing as commercial real estate developers and investors wishing to do business in Charlotte, authorities said.

The first questions that popped into my head were, "Who knew about this and when?" Whether you're a paid consultant or a grass-roots activist, you better be just as surprised as we are, or your career/assistance has just come to a screeching halt.


According to the Charlotte Observer...

...they've been investigating him since August 2010. And he took $20K in cash in his office in late February.

Hey - you know that nearly $500K worth of tech gear never got turned-in to the DNC Convention Committee in Charlotte. Why would any of the paid consultants who have nice gear they didn't pay for care if Cannon took bribes except for the fact that he got caught?

Many folks knew that John Edwards was screwing around behind his wife's back - cheating on her, his kids, etc. They knew he might get caught - but why speak up if you wanted to keep your job (and the money rolling in) for as long as possible?

I saw Lisa Druck when I volunteered at the December 30, 2006 rally at Southern Village, and I saw how the Edwards staff treated her. I knew something was up, and I never went back. But it was not my place to voice my opinions about what I knew about her, what I saw happening, and what I saw going on.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Poor Charlotte. What with

Poor Charlotte. What with McCrory and Cannon, they sure do know how to pick a mayor. This guy seems like a total scumbag.

Some reading material,

if you can stomach it.

The part where he brags about going to see the President is especially sickening, and is bound to be jumped on by the RWNJ Obama haters within the next five minutes or so.

Wow! Obama's DOJ is really going after corrpution

Just seems to be only corrupt Democrats. Small fry really. One guy they went after for $825 in travel vouchers.

When will the Obama DOJ start going after the corrupt banksters who have raped and pillaged the wealth of the middle class in our country for BILLIONS?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Is anyone working _for_ us?

Between this kind of direct bribery and the convoluted non-profits and for-profit corporations used to spread influence around these days along with the revolving doors between industry and government, you have to wonder if there's anyone left in a major position in state government that understand the phrase "public service".

Consider this:

Unaffiliated voters are now 26% of all registered voters, up from 22% five years ago and just 8% in 1993. Democrats made up 60% of North Carolina voters twenty years ago, but their share of the electorate has fallen to 43% while Republicans’ share has remained a fairly stable 31%.

I can only see the number of unaffiliated voters increasing in the state. People like Cannon aren't helping the Dems have trust in that party; people like McCrory, Tillis and Pope make the Republicans look like a joke.

Sometimes I wonder

Stories like this can really shake your confidence in our whole electoral system. There's no way someone with the (apparently) poor ethics of Cannon could hide their nature from everybody around them. People knew, and those same people remained silent while he ran for Mayor. Which is more discouraging (to me) than what he actually did.

Rumors have surrounded Cannon for years

None of the rumors I have ever heard involved anything like this. Some rumors are very general like "shady business practices." Why make an accusation if you cannot back it up with facts? I think that is why this is coming out of the blue for people outside of Charlotte. I could talk about why I don't trust him, but I'm not going to quote rumors. I think others feel the same way.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I am sure mom would be flattered to be asked again, but I have no clue how they will handle it. They had time to make plans before Secretary Foxx left and this is happening without warning. I haven't even had a chance to talk with Mom about it. She probably wouldn't tell me anything anyway!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Where did the former Mayor put the Mop?

No doubt a plea deal will be worked out for the former Mayor with a 20 year probation sentence and that he is the Chief restroom cleaner at the Bank of America Carolina Panthers Stadium while the 1% Republican Owner of the Panthers sticks the Taxpayers of North Carolina with his $ 200 million improvement program for the Stadium........