Pat's worried

I've seen a lot of bone-headed stunts in politics over the years, but this stupid move takes the cake.

HICKORY - Nearly 80 percent of Republicans approve of Patrick McHenry’s job performance - at least according to the congressman’s poll. And if the party’s primary matched him against two well-known GOP candidates, he would easily win.

These are the findings of a poll conducted by Tel Opinion Research and commissioned by McHenry’s campaign last month. McHenry’s re-election campaign announced the results Tuesday.

Hmmmm. Last month's poll conveniently released right on the heels of Patty's love-fest with the Prince of Darkness? Sounds a bit like paranoia to me.

McHenry would defeat Catawba County Sheriff David Huffman in a hypothetical rematch of their 2004 primary by a resounding 67 percent to 12 percent, according to the poll. McHenry defeated the sheriff by less than 2 percent in 2004.

The poll left Huffman confused and drew some rancor from the longtime politician, reminiscent of the bitter 2004 campaign. Huffman said the research was a “push” poll, where respondents are influenced into siding with one candidate. Huffman, who says he has no intention of running for Congress again, added the poll was “gutter politics.”

“I don’t understand why he would mention my name,” Huffman said. “It sounds to me like he’s paranoid. It’s very unprofessional. I hate to see politics stoop to this level.”

Did he say paranoid?

In another potential contest, McHenry beats District Attorney Jay Gaither by a 69 percent to 8 percent margin. Gaither’s campaign treasurer Eric Farr released a statement in response.

“I know that our District Attorney Jay Gaither’s time and attention is focused on protecting the families of Burke, Caldwell and Catawba counties,” it read. “I am surprised that Patrick McHenry would spend time and money on attempting to gauge public opinion through a poll at this time. The current economic situation in the 10th District is not good, and we feel the congressman’s time and energy would be better spent focusing on bringing jobs to our district.”

Attempts to reach McHenry for further comment were unsuccessful.

"Attempts to reach McHenry for further comment were unsuccessful?" It sounds like this reporter is starting to understand how the people of McHenry's district feel.

PS The "research" company Pat hired is the same bunch of Replicants who do polling for the Civitas Circus. They've never met a question they couldn't twist to get whatever answer they want.


Sounds pretty scared to me!

Releases the results of a push poll against someone who isn't even going to run (he's still $300,000 in the hole, I've heard), then isn't available for further comment? That's a red flag to the Hickory Record.

Maybe that 80 percent is afraid Blackwater will come to their doors if they say they don't like Pat. Okay. Okay. I'm just kidding.

All this does is alert the traditional media in the district that he's worried about something. Hmmmmmm. Pretty bone-headed move.

Wonder what he'll do next? This is getting fun.
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I live in the 10th

What is going on here is both the Democratic and the Republican parties of Catawba County are looking at finding an opponet for McHenry. The Catawba County GOP's exec committee is heavily controlled by supporters of David Huffman, and they have made a not too secret attempt at purging McHenry supports from any party leadership position in the county. McHenry's political organization has been behind David Huffmans 2006 GOP primary opponett Mike Ledford, and Huffman people believe McHenry,s people were giving information to Huffmans Democratic opponett Steve Hunt. McHenry group also was behind Hickory Mayors Rudy Wright opponett in 2005, although it was a non partisian race it had the view of a Republican party race. Most of Hickory's pominant Democrats were backing Writght. The Catwaba County's GOP has approached Rudy Wright, David Huffman, Jay Gaither, Sen Austin Allran, and Labor Sec. Cherrie Berry about running against McHenry. Although none has stepped stepped foward yet I have been assured by the Huffman camp someone of statue will. I have even been asked to change parties so I can vote against McHenry, but for now I am staying a Democrat. The Democrats have approached local navy hero and ministers son Daniel Johnson about running as a Democrat, Johnson would be formidable. I have even been told the DCCC has told Johnson if he runs he would be vaulted to the #1 priority challanger in the state of North Carolina ahead of even Larry Kissell. This poll is an attempt to both discourage Johnson from running because he would need Republican support and to remind any GOP office holders in Catwaba County that is they are part of any "Republicans for Johnson" group it could be the end of their political career as a Catawba County Republican.

I can't imagine the DCCC would put anyone

ahead of Kissell but perhaps they would say they would to a prospective candidate.

But I do get your point that the poll is an attempt to discourage challengers from any party. I really thought McHenry would play Rovian dirty tricks but this attempt is so laughably lame I can't imagine why there aren't half a dozen challengers signed up and ready to go. (Even with the implied threat of Blackwater!)

I'm still getting hits from the cyclists mad at McHenry for his bike comments in early August. There are so many people in this country who would shell out money to get this hypocritical (and bought and paid for) idiot out of Congress, any creative fund raiser is going to have a blast working to defeat this weasel.
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why would any of those people run against McHenry?

Huffman did it once, and still has a huge chunk of debt no one is helping him pay back. Allran hasnt taken a political risk in his entire life. Rudy Wright is an intriguing choice, I just dont know if he would do it. Gaither certainly has the cash and the ego, I just doubt he would do it. And what would be in it for Berry? She isnt going to be governor this time around, but she is working hard on building up her statewide name id instead of her 10th district specific name id.

McHenry isnt as safe as he wants us to think from a primary challenge, but the big problem is that I doubt the Catawba County GOP is competent enough to find someone who could beat him.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Did you see that McHenry's finance director

has been hired to run the state GOP? McHenry and his backers are trying to take over the state GOP (and then the state).

His voter fraud friend, Aaron Lay, is working for Tom Fetzer. Fetzer and Stephens run Dole's campaign. They work for fake conservative Bill Graham. So does long-term McHenry peep Dee Stewart.

The reason a Republican would run against McHenry is because McHenry isn't a Republican any more than Cheney or Rove are. McHenry and his friends have big plans. And they don't include Democracy.
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Some one will run

As for those folks any of them could run, except for Allran, becasue while he would love to run for the seat and if he did I think he would do well, but he won't do it. Jay Gaither will run for this seat one day but his wife Beth does not want him to now. Berry has already run for the seat in 1990 against Cass, and the Killian name is very well know in the district so she does not have to build it up anyway. And Rudy Wright would have run in 2006 had Ferrell Blount not strong armed him out of the race.

Yes, I'm pulling for

Daniel Johnson, hoping he'll run.

How about a poll McHenry vs.

How about a poll McHenry vs. Ogre?


See, this total nastiness is why people like me shy away from politics. i don't want to play the games. I don't want to have to suck up to anyone to get cash or votes. I don't want to go meet "the right people" in the Catawba GOP. I don't want to have to be "approved" by certain members of certain commissions -- but it certainly seems like you HAVE to if you want to win an election, especially one like this.

If Johnson runs and does get the support of the DNC, what would he have to do to get their cash? What would he have to promise them? See, if I ran, even if I beat McHenry, I seriously doubt I'd get $1 from either the NC GOP or the RNC because I wouldn't have gotten "prior approval" to run for that seat. And with McHenry's questionable votes, I'm not sure it's actually possible to beat him in ANY primary. Is he wrangling for a US Senate seat next?

Also, I'm way over in Iredell County. Sure, I know some people in Hickory other areas, but NO ONE would know my name. Is it possible to win and unseat a person in such circumstance? All historical evidence says that McHenry has already won the next election. Polls like this do nothing, as has been pointed out, except ensure others won't even make the attempt. It makes me want to run more, but does make me think there really is NO chance to beat him -- without sucking up to a lot of people and getting the appropriate "permission." :(

Ogre, it wasn't a poll.

It was a campaign tactic. No way is Jay Gaither getting such a small percentage. The poll asked questions in such a way so that the respondent says what the pollster wants him to say.

All that "poll" did was tell people McHenry is feeling the heat.

All you have to do is put him under pressure. He and his people would make all the mistakes anyone would want.

But who has the guts to put him under pressure? In 04 Republicans hadn't learned their campaign tactics under Rove. They underestimated his ability to lie with a straight face.
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I see your point. I'm very

I see your point. I'm very familiar with the push poll. Funny the article didn't seem to emphasize that very much. Of course, any poll with the actual questions not released is a bit questionable... I do wonder why he did the poll at all, other than to attempt to scare others away -- if anyone who would challenge him isn't scared by the results.