Paul Newman, Great Soul

Philanthropist and Progressive Democrat Paul Newman has died.


Paul Newman

This has to be said. Doesn’t matter how obvious it is; it still has to be said: he was utterly, utterly stunning.

He was drop dead gorgeous. If he didn’t make your knees weak, you had no knees.

Paul Newman was so beautiful that it made a person feel elevated just to gaze at him.

JFK, Jr. was also unreasonably handsome, but I’d have to say that between the two — and this has NOTHING to do with any other aspect of their lives — Paul was still the more beautiful.

And he KEPT being beautiful even as he got old and craggy.

He could have slapped his picture on a can of spam and I’d have bought it. I don’t eat spam, or meat, for that matter, but if it were a decent photo likeness I woulda licked the label. Sorry, I realize I’m going too far now . . .

He might be the best argument that there is a God, except that I think that God would have wanted us all to have him, instead of his being kept for Joanne’s exclusive use. So I’m back to not believing in God.

And I don’t believe we’re going to ever see his like again.

OK, Bru

I agree. He was one of the most beautiful men the world has ever seen. Those eyes. Damn.

But - did you have to say the thing about the labels? I have this image of you now in the local Harris Teeter, surreptitiously licking salad dressing bottles, and then sneaking over to the spaghetti sauce jars and getting a few licks in, too.

You know they have hidden cameras in there, right? Be careful, my friend. Be careful.

But Linda,


As everyone knows, his image on those jars, battles and bags does him no justice and creates no sense of urgency.