Perdue's mystery veto

The Governor hints at a possible veto (thanks, Laura), but she's being coy:

There’s one that I’m really considering. It’s a usurpation, I believe, of the governor’s power as governor. And so it’s not so much about the quality – the content of the bill. It’s about the fact that one of my jobs is to make sure that the governor’s powers, whether it’s me or somebody else in the future, stay intact.

Governor, even more important than preserving your power is your responsibility to keep our air and water clean and safe. As such, the bill that should be at the top of your veto list is this SEPA loophole abomination. If you sign it, I don't want to hear another damn word about transparency from your office. The gist of this bill is: The less we know, the better. If the Legislature wants it that bad, make them come back and vote for it again.



I'm still puzzled by Speaker Hackney's comments that this legislation more or less doesn't change anything. Scratch that puzzled ... more like pissed off and disappointed.