PHOTOS: Cunningham Campaign, Saturday March 27

Cal Cunningham and Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller

Cal's FoCal blog entry about his visit with Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller at the scene of the Chatham County Courthouse fire.

Cal Cunningham and Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller view the destruction at the Chatham County Courthouse

"We are rebuilding a country right now, pulling it out of the depths of a deep recession, the shattering of some of our longest standing financial institutions, a military that bears the strains of two long wars, schools that are fighting to keep teachers and an economy that is still not adding jobs."

Cal Cunningham and Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller at the scene of the Chtham County Courthouse fire

"I went because the loss of the courthouse symbolized to me the losses experienced in a lot of small towns in this economy. The loss of a key business. The loss of an economic engine.

Rebuilding requires a Senator who cares."


Then we were off to Fayetteville for the YDNC Convention.


Cal Cunningham and his wife Elizabeth share a moment after his remarks to the Young Democrats of North Carolina.


Cal Cunningham answers questions from members of the Young Democrats of North Carolina at a forum in Fayetteville. Local Coverage here

"You want to elect a United States senator who knows what it means to families to make a decision of war and peace."



Meeting the Youngest North Carolina Democrat in attendance.


Cal Showed

I understand that the YDs of Cumberland County were very disappointed and shocked that they were planning to have a debate and Cal was the only one who showed up. Nobody even let them know that Lewis and Marshall had found other things to do after agreeing to come. Young people matter and they matter a lot. Wonder who will get their votes.


General Wesley Clark Endorses Cal Cunningham

Breaking, from CQ Politics:

Former N.A.T.O. Supreme Allied Commander and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark on Monday is endorsing Cal Cunningham in North Carolina's Democratic U.S. Senate primary.

Undecided - Cunningham or Marshall

Frankly, between the two of them I want the one with the best chance of winning in 2010 against Burr. I may be leaning to Cunningham for that reason. BUT, I felt the same way about Kissell and Schuler before they were elected. I don't want to elect another Blue Dog. Is Cunningham a genuine progressive Democrat? If so, I'll vote for him.