Planned Parenthood Blasts N&O for Stam Endorsement

Planned Parenthood Health Systems Action Fund, Inc released the following:


OCTOBER 14, 2008

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Paige Johnson 919-618-3899

Paul Stam-Extremely Out of Touch!

Planned Parenthood finds the News and Observer's endorsement of Paul Stam for House District 37 for the 2008 General Election disappointing and concerning. In the News and Observer's endorsements on October 10th, it stated that Paul Stam has not been particularly in sync with The N&O's editorial page positions, Paul Stam is not only out of sync, he is extremely out of touch with his District and North Carolina and puts personal ideology ahead of protecting our most vulnerable citizens.

In 2008, Representative Stam was the only legislator to vote AGAINST a bill to increase penalties for the hate crimes of cross burnings and noose hangings.

In a quote in the N&O on Feburary 10, 2008 in relation to the NAACP's 14 point legislative agenda which includes health care for all and high quality, well funded schools, Rep. Stam said, "There was nothing on that agenda that was practical or within our power or something I wanted to do,"

Paul Stam also bragged that one of his major accomplishments this past session was to defeat a bill that would protect ALL North Carolina school students from bullying.

And finally, Paul Stam was instrumental in removing comprehensive sex education from our schools and fights to keep unproven, ineffective abstinence only curriculums (AUM) in their place despite that fact that NC has the 9th highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation and one in four teenage girls have an STD.

"I live in this District and it is hard to imagine that my neighbors would want to re-elect someone who doesn't support the health and well-being of our young people and would not vote to protect our citizens from hate crimes. " said Melissa Reed, VP for Public Policy with Planned Parenthood Health Systems Action Fund.

Ed Ridpath, who is running against Paul Stam, is the kind of leader we need in House District 37. Ed Ridpath will stand up for our young people and against hate crimes.

The News and Observer made a mistake. Voters in House District 37, should oppose Paul Stam-an out of touch extremist-and instead vote for Ed Ridpath.



They sure didn't pull any punches on Stam

and it is great to read it.

Thanks for the update, Ed!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!