PPP: August Primary Polling Results

Sorry, I've been late getting these posted here. Click here for complete results.

Democratic President
Clinton 29%
Edwards 29%
Obama 23%

Obama drops a bit among black voters. Might just be fluctuations.

Republican President
Thompson 30%
Giuliani 20%
Romney 12%
McCain 7%

NC mirrors national trends. Giuliani is falling from front-runner status, while Romney is gaining. McCain is sinking and Thompson leads in the South.

Democratic Governor

Perdue 38%
Moore 28%

Perdue had been leading by 4% for about 3 months. The change can be explain by normal fluctuations and margin of error. It also suggests that her lead had always been on the higher side of 4%.

Republican Governor
Graham 23%
Smith 11%
Orr 9%

Nothing changing here. Civitas' polls continue to be starkly different than our results and the results coming out of the Graham campaign.

Democratic Lt. Governor
Dalton 10%
Dellinger 10%
Smathers 9%
Besse 7%


Thanks, Justin

It's going to be a long fall and spring. I appreciate you sharing your data with us.

Any indication as to whether people think Graham is related to Billy Graham?

Bill Graham

In the polling done by Graham - questions are asked - including open ended questions regarding the candidates - to make sure voters are not confusing one person with another and to determine how much voters really know about the candidates.

In Bill Graham's case - he has been able to create his own identity with voters. They are not confusing him with the Rev. Billy Graham.

Mark Stephens

Are you with the campaign?

If not, how do you know these things?

If so, could you arrange for Mr. Graham to visit BlueNC? I have a bunch of questions about why he wants to be governor when he apparently hates government so much.

Thanks Mark

I have had many people ask me the same question about confusion with Billy Graham. I didn't want to comment on it, because I didn't have any evidence either way, and the accusation wouldn't be fair.

The campaign is a client

Anglico said:

"I have a bunch of questions about why he wants to be governor when he apparently hates government so much."

Ha! That's a bit loaded - but funny.

Mark Stephens

You're more than welcome Justin

It was an honest technical question and I can answer it without giving away any super secret stuff.


I love

the new era of transparency. Thanks for stopping by.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"