Pro-life Republicans? Not so much.

Big government extremists in Raleigh are happy to ban nipples, outlaw science, and restrict abortion. But when it comes to restoring economic stability and growth, they're missing in action. The death toll from their negligence is staggering.

From 1999 to 2010, the suicide rate among Americans ages 35 to 64 rose by nearly 30 percent, to 17.6 deaths per 100,000 population, up from 13.7. The suicide rate for middle-age men was 27.3 deaths per 100,000, while for women it was 8.1 deaths per 100,000.

The most pronounced increases were seen among men in their 50s, a group in which suicide rates jumped by nearly 50 percent.

Historically, suicide rates rise during times of financial stress and economic setbacks. “The increase does coincide with a decrease in financial standing for a lot of families over the same time period,” said Dr. Arias.


They probably also used handguns to do it.

It is time to amend the constitution, because there is more than one "interpretation" of the Second Amendment.