Progressive Democrats of NC overwhelmingly endorse Dan Besse for Lt. Governor!

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A good day for Dan. A good day for All.

Before I retire it for good, I thought I'd share the earlier version of the film we showed during lunch today.

This is really powerful

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

meeting today

Good meeting you today

"jump in where you can and hang on"
Briscoe Darling to Sheriff Andy

The other candidates might blush and say "aww shucks"...

"Me? Governor?"

But as Dan pointed out yesterday, the LG's office is not a spot from which to sit and run for Governor for 8 years. He really, ACTUALLY WANTS TO BE Lieutenant Governor.

Which is awesome.

This is not a comment about the other candidates, mind you - but a comment about Dan.

How wonderful to run for the job you actually want.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Congratulations, Dan!

Sorry I couldn't be at the meeting yesterday. My wife called from Miami and said she wouldn't make it home to help organize our fundraiser for Jim Neal . . . which gave me a whole day to do cleaning!


A well-deserved endorsement.


Thanks to everyone. I was excited to get PDNC's formal support, and look forward to working with its members all over the state.

Dan Besse
Democrat for Lieutenant Governor

Dan Besse