Project Compassion

I'm writing today to shine the spotlight on a Chapel Hill-based organization called Project Compassion. I got a little taste of what they're up to recently when one of their trainers, Marilyn, helped a group of us start up a Support Team for a friend who has cancer.

I won't recount all the details of their activities, which you can easily see on their website. Stories of people they've helped. Background about their organization. Leadership. And more.

Marilyn was a fantastic resource for our team. She generously took us through the maze of issues we would likely encounter, laying things out carefully and respectfully. And thank goodness. It's tricky enough when everyone is dealing with the anxiety of this kind of illness.

You can contact Project Compassion here. They don't charge a nickel for their services, so any support you can offer would surely be appreciated.

And if you're in need of some pros who can help you start up a Support Team or Caring Circle for someone in need, I bet they'll be able to help you.


Project Compassion

Thank you, James, for writing about Project Compassion. It's the kind of organization whose work spreads through the community, a few people at a time. Using a team approach just makes a lot of sense - everyone does what they can when they can, and all together it adds up to a lot more support than any single individual could provide, without burdening the friends receiving the support with the chore of organizing it themselves. Project Compassion works with individuals, organizations, workplaces, faith communities, retirement communities....If you go to our website (, you will also see opportunities to learn more about the approach in upcoming leadership training workshops. You can also see what else Project Compassion does - teaching patient advocacy, advanced care planning, etc.

Yes James, thank you for posting this

a co-worker's mother just found out she has lung and liver cancer so I forwarded the info to her.