Prop 8 Protest in Raleigh Today!

Here's where it all goes down.

Halifax Mall (Obama rally location), 46 East Lane St. between Wilmington and Salisbury Streets. Across from the NC Legislature building.

Parking is along the streets or a public lot at Wilmington and Jones Streets.

Jim Neal, former NC candidate for U.S. Senate;

Jimmy Creech, former pastor who lost his position in the church after performing a civil union;

Sophia Bush, star of The CW Network’s "One Tree Hill""


Say Hi if you see...

me at the protest today!

Pics from the Protest

The opening rally in Raleigh at the protest I helped organize, across from the legislative building.

Jim Neal, whose senatorial campaign I worked on, was one of the speakers... you can see him there between the flag & the police officer.

Marching in the rain (Myself, & a few family members & friends are in this photo, but hard to see)

Protesting loudly at the governors mansion after the rain had cleared up.

I haven't verified it, but I heard it described as the largest gay rights event in NC history.


I moved from Raleigh to San Francisco a couple of years ago, and wondered how things would go back in my old hometown. These shots are AMAZING!! Seeing these makes me even happier than being a part of the crowd out here in SF did! Thanks for sharing them - I LOVE the internets!!!

that's great

If I got some good shots at the Greensboro protest, I'll try to put a few up tomorrow. Do you have any idea how large the crowd was?

A Smut-Filled Tome

Prop 8 Speaking Out

In addition to a press release across many local & statewide media outlets on Monday, some coordinating with other organizers, chatting it up to friends & and family, arranging rides for a couple carloads of people, sharing it on blogs & social networking sites, this statement on a local radio station that was played throughout the day yesterday & today to drum up support and attendance is a statement I was proudest of:

This is Jake Goad, I'm a Chapel Hill resident, and I've got something to say.

California's Proposition 8, which stripped away the right to Marriage Equality in California in this election, isn't just about California. It's about civil rights and fair play. And a government that values these American ideals is fundamental, whether you live in Orange County California, or Orange County North Carolina.

I have family in California that offered to help with costs and arrangements for my upcoming wedding that was in the works for this March. Proposition 8 passing stole away from me the marriage I was planning, and for the reason just mentioned, it wasn't just an ideological battle lost, instead it has become a very real financial burden. Everyone needs to understand that reduced options and benefits for any class of citizens is never merely an abstract ideological distinction: it ALWAYS translates into real life hardships. And this doesn't affect just me, it takes away an option for ALL our family and friends in the LGBT community right here in Orange County, when there weren't a whole lot of options to start with.

But there is something we can do about it. We can make our voices heard. As a part of a larger nationwide protest, I'm helping to organize a protest right here in the triangle, in downtown Raleigh, this Saturday the 15th at 1:30 pm. For complete event details, check out or search for the event on
This historic election for our Country & our State will not be measured by historians solely in terms of who we elected, but also by how We The People responded to either enrich or diminish the society in which we live. Whether you were affected directly by Proposition 8 or not, I ask you, will you sit on the sidelines of this civil rights movement, or will you stand up?

Here I am holding a sign that reads
Marriage Equality... It's a Civil Rights thing

The Larger Scale

There were protests & rallies across NC, across the nation, and in at least 10 other countries as well.

A statement from the movements national website:

Last week, some felt angry. Last week, some felt defeated. Last week, some felt hopeless.

Today we have shown the world that we will not be victims anymore! Today, our community has risen and shown our opponents that we are MUCH MORE THAN 1 MILLION STRONG! We brought the world’s attention to the outrage that is Proposition 8. We brought the conversation of equality into the living rooms of America and around the world! Today, we took a gigantic step into the next Civil Rights Movement. We have brought the conversation to a national stage. Now it’s time that we keep it going.

I like this pictures as a symbol

With a grassroots movement protest centered between a sign with NC on it, and a building in our capital with this many people out their making their voices heard despite the weather.

Why Civil Unions for all is a Bad Idea!

I hear a lot of people express the sentiment to make marriage a religious thing, and civil unions a government thing even from many gay and lesbian friends & I appreciate the underlying values of equality & separation of church & state within that notion, but I worry in the US that this is an impossible victory to win. Trying to add marriage equality to a minority seems like the shorter road to equality than to take away government marriages from everyone. I agree the law should treat everyone fairly, but personally I feel the quickest remedy is to have government recognize marriages for gay couples in a purely civil sense without imposing any restrictions on the church (not that they force churches to marry people of different faiths or atheists or any other group anyways so I don't know why some conservatives have that particular fear that it'd be different with gay marriage), and continue to let churches marry in a religious sense whoever they want.

But asking the gay rights movement to turn against government marriage for everyone seems like an impossible hurdle to overcome, that would be portrayed as anti-marriage, anti-tradition, anti-family much more than the current struggle to be included in legally recognize marriages is. I want the government to recognize marriage by that name in a civil sense the same way they do with straight people's marriages.

Marriage for a muslim, for a mormon, for a baptist, for a cathloic, for a greek orthodox, for a zoroastrian, for an atheist, may mean lots of different things, the word is used to describe many situations for many cultures that have different understood and expressed ideas about what marriage means & requires, so I don't think we have to have a new term "civil union" for America to handle marriage equality.

In short I think it would be impossible to gain any ground as an anti-marriage movement, instead of the current inclusive marriage movement, and I don't understand the need for a new term when the current term is used in government circles in a civil sense already.

I would also note...

I would also note in addition to the difficulties to win the ideological battle if it were to be reshaped in this way, the legal battle would be worse too. Civil unions don’t guarantee all the rights of marriage, so we’d have to do some major legal overhauling, and marriage is a legal term used in many places and on many documents throughout this country, so the scale and number of legal battles that we’d have to win, when all of our battles are already so hard fought and so hotly contested each time, makes turning away from an inclusive marriage movement seem like the wrong path to me.

A final note: The Twofold Approach

This protest movement made our voices heard in the streets, but to successful we also have to be heard in the halls of government. It takes a twofold approach.

I encourage anyone reading this to join their facebook group, to sign up for their listserv, or both. They can send you messages about events, about postcard campaigns, about when & how to mail, e-mail, or call your representatives, when to sign a real or online petition, and that sort of thing that is necessary to change the law. In the streets, with subsequent media coverage, and in starting conversations we can change minds, but we must also change laws and the best way to take a step in that direction is to click on these links:

CA Supreme Court to hear Prop 8 appeal

# Story Highlights
# 3 gay rights groups file challenge to Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage
# Groups say ballot initiative "improperly used" to strip away state constitutional right
# Court says it will not interfere with enforcement of the law before it hears appeal

I've never seen a supreme court move that fast to take on an issue like this, I guess the protests had some effect?