The Public Option: Protect, Pressure, Participate!


To real health care reform that provides quality, affordable coverage for all. Yesterday we moved that much closer with the inclusion of the Public Option in the merged Senate bill.

But the fight continues as the House and Senate consider and decide upon numerous issues that will determine how just how comprehensive and how affordable health care will be in the future. We have to be more organized and mobilized than ever over the next few weeks to win.

One thing we know for sure is that the Big Insurance lobby will continue to throw its money and weight around to oppose meaningful reform, and that Blue Cross Blue Shield will keep pressuring our delegation in Washington to maintain its monopoly stranglehold on the North Carolina insurance market.

It is time for us to Protect the Public Option, Pressure Blue Cross into stop opposing reform, and Participate in actions here in North Carolina!

That's why we're writing to you. Blue Cross just sent a mailer out to its policyholders here in NC that includes a printed, pre-paid postcard to Senator Kay Hagan that opposes the Public Option. In response to this outrageous use of their customers' premium dollars, we're asking you all to take three actions:

1.        If you received this mailer from BCBS, please mark out in RED the words "Oppose government run healthcare" and write in RED "SUPPORT THE PUBLIC OPTION," mark out in RED "doesn't need" and write in RED "NEEDS." Then put the postage pre-paid revised card in the mail and call Senator Hagan's office to tell them that you have sent the Blue Cross card but in support of the Public Option.


2.        Please join us at 11:00 on Friday morning (October 30, 2009) at the BCBS headquarters to protest their greedy campaign against health care reform. We'll bring our Crime Scene yellow tape and a blown-up version of the postcard, have fun, and send a message to Blue Cross and to Washington that we are going to get health care reform in 2009 that serves our interest, not the insurance industry's.

The BCBS headquarters is at 1700 Chapel Hill Durham Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC.

Click here for directions and parking suggestions or follow this link:


3.       If you and your organization have your own list serve, please send this message along so that we can get as many cards to Senator Hagan's office as possible, and show a good crowd Friday morning at the Blue Cross headquarters to let them know how we feel.


Our friends at the North Carolina Council of Churches, along with a number of Raleigh congregations, are holding an interfaith memorial service for those who suffer or have died from lack of health care coverage. Details are:

Thursday, October 29, 7:00-8:00 pm

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh
3313 Wade Avenue (2 blocks east of Meredith College)

Click here for the event flier or visit this link:

Thanks for all your work for progressive health care reform.  We'll be very busy here at HCAN over the next few weeks as we work hard to shape the final health care legislation to reflect the HCAN principles, which you can review by clicking on this link:

Get those cards into Senator Hagan's office, and join us on Thursday night and Friday at BCBS.



Cordially yours,

Lynice Williams
for the NC HCAN Steering Committee


p.s.-  Please forward this to your friends and co workers who know that the public option is a necessary component of REAL health care reform.  Together, we can make this happen!




Thanks for posting this!

I have to work Friday, but I sent back the post card and will be calling Senator Hagan.

Keep on keeping on...