Pundits on parade

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The N&O writes something about Sarah, but it's not entirely clear what.

Charlotte Observer readers wonder whether graffiti that says Kill Obama is protected free speech. A few too many think it's just fine.

Gary Pearce weighs in on the wonder of women being women.

Chris Fitzsimon asks which is more important: ideology or people. I wonder if they're not really the same thing.

Rick Martinez says let the market handle the market. He has a point.

Jim Buie admires the restraint Democrats are showing in not hanging George Bush & Co., from the yardarm. Not sure I agree.


Ripped off

from the Kos diaries that review pundits each morning ... if there's interest, I might try to make this a regular feature. We have a ton of opinionators here in North Carolina ... might as well spread the word?

I like the idea, James.

Thanks for borrowing it and bringing it here.

San Diego Soup?

The Times has an interesting article today about the rise of a new breed of website driven by journalists. The old Raleigh Soup (now either dead or dying) seemed to be a shot in that direction.

Democrat Restraint

The Democrat's restraint in not pursuing criminal prosecutions for practically the entire Bush administration is about as admirable as the restraint they displayed in pursuing an end to the illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional occupation of Iraq when they took over the Congress in 2006.

Here's the truth. If the Democrats were the party of the people, as they like to parade themselves during election season, they would be charging Bush, Cheney and others for not only unconstitutional and illegal acts but also war crimes. Heck, if they were a populist party they would have already impeached both Bush and Cheney.

BUT THEY AREN'T. This is just another example of the elite protecting one of their own. The top levels of the Republican and Democrat parties are part of the same social strata, the same exclusive organizations, and have the same influential business connections. They are all buddies! They have more in common with each other than they have with any grassroots ideologue that works their ass off to get them elected. That's why party apologists are so hilarious, always attempting to figure out the grand "strategy" behind the various political maneuvers of the figurehead leaders of their party. Sure, their are rivalries among the aristocracy of any ruling class, but the fact is they all have a common enemy: the common man.

I'm just so sick of seeing well-intending people who care about the world getting sucked into the punch and judy political arena only to become loyal to one of the establishment political apparatus or the other and quickly devolve into a rabid sycophant.

Maybe you ought to wait until the 111th Congress convenes

before you pass judgment on all Democrats. I'm with you on the war crimes thing - but even I don't think it would be smart to charge a sitting President or Vice President.

In light of the fact that they will simply claim executive privilege and ignore subpoenas (a la Rove), it would look to the world and to at least half of our country as if there were a coup d'etat taking place if we marched into the White House and frog-marched GWB out to face criminal charges.

I guess we'll see

I think there is plenty of evidence to impeach and remove Bush and Cheney. Sure, they would have resisted it, but only by breaking the law openly. Impeachment would have forced them to make the first move. To most of the rest of the world, and to many here in the United States, there already does seem to have been a coup d'etat that has taken place. Unfortunately, it was not a populist one.

It's the gatekeepers like Pelosi that reveal the true purpose of the Democrat party - to prevent any substantive change to the status quo while providing people with the illusion of opposition. But that's just my interpretation. I guess we will see what happens over the next few years. I'm pretty sure the media (and hence the sheeple) will be too distracted by Great Depression 2.0 to care about GWB anymore, and since the democrats will only print off more stimulus checks in response it's sure to be a nasty time for many Americans.

Only Libertarians represent the people.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


And their deity, Ron Paul, totally stands up to Republicans in Congress every single vote.....

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"