The Puppetmaster turns over a new (Golden) Leaf

Gaining control over state government grants:

Major Republican donor Art Pope has been tapped to serve on the Golden LEAF Foundation board of directors.

Pope, a Raleigh businessman and former state lawmakers, was appointed by Senate president Phil Berger, R-Rockingham. The decision didn’t require legislative approval.

How could that not require legislative approval?


The definition of irony:

the Pope-backed Civitas Institute has produced several articles highly critical of the Golden LEAF Foundation. A report published earlier this year described the organization as a “web of political cronies” that has a board with “a history of being packed with generous campaign contributors, partisan fundraisers, party operatives and even a close relative of [former Senate president] Marc Basnight.”

I hope he is critical of the

I hope he is critical of the Golden Leaf. The Golden Leaf claims not to be a political slush fund but gave a check to the Global Transpark for $100,000,000 for the Spirit deal. How many board members do you know who would give one company an incentive of $100,000,000 without political guidance?

Orwellian Art

How could that not require legislative approval?* S

Because he is the Pope! Another reason to give up Religion in politics. Art has been after the Golden Leaf foundation for years hunting for some type of corruption within it, but was unable to find the smoking gun, since most of the funding was toward Commerial in house TV anti-smoking establishment media PR firms....Now that Art has seize power, do expect him to use that platform to promote Corporate Fascism in this state with his own chosen Orwellian PR image firms...