The Puppetmaster's enduring legacy

After all my years of reporting about Art Pope, it's comforting to discover the old man is still a creep. Despite trying to rehabilitate his image as a moderate voice of reason, his bigotry and greed appear unbounded by human decency. No one has done more to damage the freedom and fairness in North Carolina than the slum-retailer from Raleigh. Daddy would be proud.

Pope says he has grown dismayed by the repeated characterization of him as a privileged kingmaker. “If this sounds a little bit defensive, it’s because of the false propaganda that I supposedly started off life as an heir with a silver spoon in my mouth,” he says. “I’m not an heir. I did not inherit any of my wealth from my father. I did benefit greatly from partnering with my father in a family business.”

"He also taught me the fine art of being a bullshit artist," added Pope. "That's something I've never forgotten."



I can say "old man"

because it takes one to know one.

: )