In pursuit of fairness and transparency, let the Carolina Journal in

Because it's not about them, it's about us:

The conservative Carolina Journal, which is published by the John Locke Foundation, says that its reporters have been banned from covering the new governor’s news conferences. The publication was not able to cover the governor’s Dec. 15 news conference, and the report says email requests for notice and access to other events went unanswered.

Cooper spokesman Ford Porter told the (Raleigh) News & Observer on Thursday that no one is being frozen out of news conferences or events, and if any reporter has been denied access, it was an “oversight.”

No doubt the truth is somewhere in-between, because the controversy of exclusion is a juicier story than witnessing department heads being introduced. That being said, favoring or disfavoring individual media outlets or their reporters is already a huge problem in this country, and we have a chance in this administration to show how it should be done. If Art Pope's people choose to write a skewed story, let's make sure it wasn't due to a lack of information or exposure.



Somewhat related:

Don't know about the rest, but I'm yelling at you because the vast majority of people who would be hurt by your policy ideas have no idea what those policy ideas are, or what they can do. You've developed an uncanny ability to mask the potential damage with smooth-sounding rhetoric and statistical sleight-of-hand, none of which will be of any assistance to those who will feel the pain from those inhumane policies. Next question?

"If you want me to listen to your views ...

... then you're going to have to replace me with somebody who would actually listen to your views. Because I won't. My mind is made up. I can think of no example in the last 20 years where I have had a substantive change of mind about anything important."

John Hood

Considering the source

my money is on hyperventilation, over-reaction to a perceived slight, and/or fake news coming from this well known source of right wing propaganda.

Lol! Yeah, I actually saw some

of these "newspapers" in a free: take one basket at the Graham library one day, right beside the Apartment Finder, and the stack looked full and undisturbed.