Push back

This is an inaugural post ... setting out what we hope will be a series of talking points of the day. The goal? Build a unified front to push back against the Thom Tillis right wing lie machine.

Today's push back:

Republicans are lying when they say the Racial Justice Act is a way to free murderers from prison. The truth is, that simply won't happen. Three former North Carolina Supreme Court Justices have said so.


Agreed, that's why I'm here.

To resist the lies from the left wingers. Your scale is backwards, which is understandable from my observations of the left.

I would suggest the faith based beliefs can be found from the left. The left swallows that global warming "science" hook, line and sinker. The only basis that those scientists make their alarmist claims are climate models which they use on their modified data. Their data gets massaged to make the past colder and the present warmer. The actual data does not match their claims.

The hockey stick of Michael Mann has been discredited, the polar bear study was a complete fraud. Not one single prediction of the UN IPCC has come true. The left has heard the tale that CO2 is a pollutant so much from the compliant press, that they refuse to consider that it's not. Group thought not independant thought is what I see coming out of the left.

Merry Christmas,,, and don't trip over your politically correct language or you will branded a heretic and the left will burn you at the stake.

sorry about that if I mispelled

I'll try harder next time. I think the weenie commie leftist, intellectuals mispell words too.