Quarantine lecture series: Tal Ben-Shahar on Happiness


It's a long drink of water,

but I encourage you to watch this. Money quote: "There are only two types of people who don't suffer from depression at all; psychopaths and dead people."

I stumbled across this lecture

because I was originally planning on writing about past/present/future, and how we need to focus mostly on the "now" and not get caught up dwelling too much on the past and/or worrying about the future. I was seeking guidance when I found this lecture, and my poor excuse for an analysis took a back seat.

But I will say this: It took me three hours and forty five minutes to vote yesterday, and I was a little too proud of that, if you catch my drift. But the really amazing thing was that hundreds of other people did the same thing. And while some people opened the door, saw how long the line was, and then left, once people had got in the line, and were made aware of just how long they would be in said line, nobody gave up and left.

We were in the now, and determined to achieve what brought us there. It was a unique experience, and more uplifting than I realized at the time.