Questions for Marshall and Cunningham...

I've read all about what you're gonna do if and when you're elected. I've seen all the BS flying back and forth. Here's what I want to an indicator of who you really are:

What environmental / conservation / social conscience groups do you currently belong to and financially support? Sierra Club...Wilderness Society...NC Conservation Network, Humane Society?

Do you personally own and drive a hybrid car?

What other concrete, quantifiable steps have you taken to personally reduce your demands on the environment?

Do you personally and actively support improving the lives of others?
How? How many KIVA or other Micro-finance loans have you made? How many children / others do you help through organizations such as Children International?

Do you believe we should re-institute and put teeth into the draft so that our military adventures can be equally enjoyed by people of all socioeconomic classes?

Would you fore-go and fight against the use of "earmarks" and demand that no financial amendments be attached to essentially non-budgetary legislation...ala The healthcare legislation Nebraska windfall.

Would you vote, under any circumstance, to approve off-budget war spending?

Would you fight for repeal of our current tax code and the implementation of less complicated and loop-hole free method of taxation?

Would you initiate legislation requiring members of Congress to have to purchase their own health insurance and limit their federally funded retirement benefits to whatever a private citizen of equal earnings history would get from Social Security...and their personal the rest of us?

What one active, visible step would you take to improve / redeem the image of Congress in the eyes of the American people?


Different from Senator Burr I predict

We are electing a Senator from the entire state. And either of these candidates will get my vote.

We are running a campaign against the Republican Machine that includes Senator Burr.

He is the one we oppose.

In fact, we have started to run the campaign against Richard Burr. On Saturday we will be across the state, explaining why we all must work hard and participate in this election.

There are good reasons to form a coalition and oppose Burr.

not going to wait til its too late.


I would have said that about Kissell and his GOP incumbent

opponent too...and it turned out to be a false assumption. Talk is cheap. I'd like to know what these two candidates actually do NOW that would give some indication of what they really believe and how they would vote in the future on issues that are facing our nation. What people do as private citizens is often a good indicator of how they would perform as public officials...assuming it's not, as it was with John Edwards, simply a ruse.

I assume Mr. Cunningham and Ms. Marshall both have the resources to make investments in environmental and other causes they support. What are those? If they aren't involved today...why would we think they'll be supportive in the future? Because it's our money and not theirs?

The other points are, for me, indicators of their commitment to solving some current problems that have festered for far too long. Are there other areas? Of course. These just easily came to mind.

Stan Bozarth