Quick-draw Jesus wants guns in Forsyth County Christian school

Irony abounds! Who knew that two Republican legislators would take the initiative to arm Christian soldiers in Forsyth County, even when no school administrator asked for the privilege?

More to the point, why do private Christian schools get to have all the fun? Why can't people in public schools have guns too? Instead of such a restrictive bill, let's see something that permits everyone - students and teachers alike - involved in education to pack heat. Or better yet, let's require them to do so. Only then will our schools be safe from predators.



I see a law suit in the future

Some 17 year old high school student will be suing the gummint over infringement of her 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. There's no logic to teachers and administrators being armed without students being able to defend themselves.

No Vouchers for Guns

The Camel City Dispatch is reporting:

CCD has heard from Salem Baptist Christian School Headmaster Martha Drake this afternoon and she stated, “We have had no contact with either Representative Conrad or Lambeth regarding this bill.” She reiterated that at no time did the school say to anyone that they wanted this legislation pursued nor would they want guns on their campus in anyone’s hands. Ms. Drake said that it is possible that former County Commissioner and SBCS high school principal Mark Baker could have had his own conversations with Rep. Conrad. Ms. Drake emphasized, however, that Mr. Baker does not represent the school in any way.

Ms. Drake also confirmed that they do have voucher students at SBCS which means that they are taking government dollars and do not just operate on private tuition.

Someone isn’t telling the truth.

The bill specifies it is for a school that does not receive ANY public funding, yet this one does accept vouchers.

A lot more to this

than meets the eye, I'll bet. Could be a Trojan horse with an NRA lobbyist in the saddle. If this makes it out of committee I'll be surprised. Or maybe not...