R noms for the NC State Board of Elections

I recognize 2 of these names and do not like them. I doubt the other 4 are much better.
Prepare yourself for a horror show...

From https://mailchi.mp/ncgop/ncgop-board-of-elections-nominations-1858809

Raleigh, NC — In accordance with House Bill 90, the North Carolina Republican Party makes the following six nominations to the Bipartisan State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement. The Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party is required to submit six names for the four Republican positions.

Col. Francis Xavier Deluca
200 Preston Arbor Ln
Cary, NC 27513

Stacy Clyde Eggers, IV
1784 US Hwy 421N
Boone, NC 28607

John Randolph Hemphill
2221 Brisbayne Cir
Raleigh, NC 27615

John Malachi Lewis
3601 Hahn Scott Rd
Mt. Pleasant, NC 28124

Ken Raymond
1705 Sandersted Village Cir
Winston Salem, NC 27103

Cherie R. Poucher
4201 Quail Hollow Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27609



DeLuca tried to reverse the damn election

Seriously, this dude has no business managing our voting process:

The Civitas Institute, a conservative organization in Raleigh, has filed a federal lawsuit to delay a final count of ballots in this month’s election.

The suit is over same-day registrants, the more than 90,000 people who registered to vote and voted on the same day prior to the Nov. 8 general election.

“It’s very simple: It’s about treating all voters fairly,” Civitas president Francis De Luca said Tuesday. “The people who register the normal way get treated one way, and the people who register same-day registration need to be treated the exact same way.”

Same-Day Registration *is* an effort to treat all voters fairly. Low-income folks (and a lot of people of color) are forced to move from one residence to another a hell of a lot more frequently than middle-class whites, and there are tens of thousands who do so after the normal window of voter registration closes. There are also many who could have re-registered on time, but they weren't aware they needed to.

The truth is, DeLuca's attack on Same-Day Registration was rooted in partisan politics and class-based discrimination, both of which make him grossly ineligible to serve on the Board of Elections.

So what happens if Gov. Cooper

decides there are not four qualified, non-extremist names on the Republican list? He should just leave the positions vacant.

Probably wouldn't work...

It would end up in court pretty quickly, and the criteria needed for rejecting nominees would (probably) be such a high bar that judges would spank Cooper for even trying. Especially since this issue has been put in front of them so many times already.

Which is not to say that he shouldn't vet the hell out of them, and if only 3 are acceptable, demand the GOP put forward more nominees from which to choose. That would put them in a bind the courts would likely not help them with.

DeLuca & "Four" Eggers are the ones I recognized

Eggers is associated with the vote suppression schemes in Watauga - that episode that made the Rachel Maddow Show a few years back and is still going on. With those two at the top of the list, I wonder about the other 4.

Cherie Poucher

is the former director of the Wake County Board of Elections. When there, she was an absolute straight shooter, but the word on the street is that after she retired, she took a hard right turn and supported Trump. Within the last month she also lost one of the two grandsons she raised to either a drug or alcohol overdose, so she may not want to tackle anything new in her life right now. On the other hand, it might be what she needs.

Raymond is another who moved voting off a college campus

John R Hemphill is a Raleigh attorney https://www.lawyers.com/raleigh/north-carolina/john-randolph-hemphill-2488605-a/
John M Lewis is a Concord attorney. https://www.lawyers.com/mount-pleasant/north-carolina/john-m-lewis-1401987-a/

Google does not easily turn up anything objectionable about them.

Ken Raymond has been the chair of the Forsyth board of elections and has been one to do Art Pope's bidding: http://www.camelcitydispatch.com/ken-raymond-and-civitas-go-after-forsyth-county-elections-director/

He's also on the WSSU board despite alumni protests:

The appointment of Ken Raymond to the Winston-Salem State University board of trustees has drawn criticism from some alumni who question his ability to put students’ interests over what they call his political agenda.

Raymond was named to the WSSU board by Senate Leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham, in June.

The criticism from alumni and others with ties to the university comes primarily from Raymond’s successful push in 2013 to move a voting site from WSSU’s campus. Raymond, a Republican and WSSU alumni, is the chairman of the three-member Forsyth County Board of Elections.


Loyal lap-dog

Any black man who would intentionally make voting harder for African-American students has no business being on the board of an HBCU, much less the state Board of Elections. Guh.