Racial Justice Act concerns NC DAs

So there’s this law, called the Racial Justice Act, which could be up for repeal pretty soon. The Racial Justice Act has to do with the death penalty and it allows people up for capital punishment to appeal on the grounds of racial bias. Which is a very legit point since there’s been a study which states that a defendant will be 2.6 times more likely to be put to death if the victim in the case is white, and that out of 159 people on death row at the time of the study, 31 had all-white juries and 38 had only one person of color on the jury.

However, according to the N&O, the N.C. Conference of District Attorneys wants the act repealed. The president, Susan Doyle, Johnston County DA, says "If you do not address this issue quickly, the criminal justice system will be saddled with litigation ...” And she has a point, too, because death row inmates are known to appeal their case many times, which makes sense because the other choice is to, you know, die.

I, however, have a brilliant solution to this problem: how about we (the state, that is) simply stop killing people! The death penalty hasn’t conclusively been found to deter violent crime (not by a long shot), and, with all the appeals, it turns out it’s simply cheaper to not do it.

So there you go, instead of repealing the Racial Justice Act (a repeal Republican lawmakers attached to a law regarding synthetic marijuana of all things) we should repeal the entire death penalty. It really would solve a lot of these legal problems.



Oh the horrors. A criminal justice system saddled with litigation.

Ummmm, isn't that the point?

Prosecutorial Misconduct-Way of Life

Prosecutors have too much power. Thanks to mandatory minimums, no parole, three strikes and like policies, judges and juries have been stripped of power to take into consideration the many factors which bear on justice which is no longer in the court room. Instead of justice, the focus is on body count and process. If a defendant can be made to plead guilty, no matter the truth, and trial avoided, then prosecutors are heroes, no matter what the truth is. Prosecutors decide which cases to bring and when, and which to dismiss. That is too much power for people whose natural tendency is the witch hunt anyway. I do not trust the remaining dregs of our justice system, which was never very much anyway. This misconduct by the 100 DAs is inexcusable.