Radical extremism courtesy of Art Pope

Just received this via e-mail:

CLC is titled this year as Battleground North Carolina and we are excited to announce national radio host Jason Lewis as our first confirmed speaker. The Conference is designed to energize, train, and educate North Carolinians on the important battles in 2012.

Considering the speaker, that "Battleground North Carolina" could be the Federal government trying to keep our idiot Republicans from seceding from the Union:

In his recent book Power Divided is Power Checked, talk radio host Jason Lewis floats a more radical solution—a 28th Amendment, which would expressly affirm each state’s right to secession: “any state whose inhabitants desire through legal means and in accordance with state law to leave this union of the several states shall not be forcibly refrained from doing so.”

But not to worry, there will be a cadre of government-subsidy-loving astroturfers around to keep things in check:

We will have speakers and experts from the American Enterprise Institute, Americans for Prosperity, Heritage, Civitas, and Texas Watchdog

That hurts my brain just thinking about it...


Can someone please organize an Occupy Variety Wholesalers????

I am a former North Carolinian (a graduate of a NC high school and university) with close family still in the state and I was horrified and angered to read in the 10 Oct 2011 New Yorker about Art Pope, his beliefs, his hypocrisy, and his co-opting of the state's political system.

Then I thought couldn't NC Occupy focus on occupying the Pope Family stores (Variety Wholesalers with retail stores under various names)? Couldn't NC Occupy let the people who shop at these stores know what Art Pope and family really think about their customers (a mostly poor and working class target market)and encourage the Pope family customers to take their hard earned dollars else where? Occupy, inform, and boycott!

Lastly, why not consider occupying the public areas around the Pope Family Foundation?

Please, do not let this ayatollah take over North Carolina!!!!!!


We're hoping the teacher's boycott action will get traction, but it is not likely. Pope's model is Machiavellian. He puts his stores in places from which poor people cannot escape. His business model depends on and exploits the downward spiral of poverty.

It's like fighting against an army of arsonists.

Ways to counter his take-over

So there is no way to organize people to counter his co-opting of North Carolina (and with the Koch Brothers, the rest of the USA)?

Very depressing!