The real Jim Rogers



Sometimes people ask me how I know what Thom Tillis and Pat McCrory - and now Jim Rogers - really think. I'm psychic. I deal with corporate bigwigs all day every day. I really do know what they think.

That's why these videos hit home. They tell a truth that even the people I'm writing about won't admit.

Jim Rogers is basically a good human being. He tries to do the right thing, and fails more often than not because he has indeed sold his soul to the highest Duke Energy bidder.

He's also smart. He knows that Republican control of the legislature and governor's office would be a total freaking disaster.

The only question is whether he'll sit on the sidelines again and do next to nothing to help. His Amendment One comments were too little too late.

This is your chance, Mr. Rogers. Come to the light. You know that Walter Dalton is the only thing standing between North Carolina and the new dark ages. Get your company and your money and your voice behind him. There's not much time.