The REAL Way to Support The Troops

Ok, here's the real way to help. A whole lot better than putting those yellow ribbon magnets on your car.

I'm asking everyone I know to please write your U.S. Senator in support of S-713, a bill introduced Wednesday that would require the Veterans Administration to increase inspections of military hospitals, create a timeframe for repairs and improve access to mental health services. Under the bill, the amount of paperwork that veterans must complete in order to receive disability benefits also would be simplified. The bill has bipartisan support. A companion bill will be introduced in the House within the next few days, according to Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.). The House and Senate next week will hold hearings on how the Department of Defense and the VA are caring for U.S. troops who return from war. Several legislators recently have said they will introduce bills aimed at increasing aid for veterans and their families.

This is a critical issue. If you are in NC, your senators are Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole. Just click their names to be taken to their email contact form and all you have to do is say "Support S-713". Our veterans are returning from Iraq to substandard medical care and to a broken system that makes them jump through too many hoops to get the benefits they were promised. We need to stand by them now more than ever. This is the REAL way to support the troops, and the real way to have a positive effect on what our government is doing for all veterans.

Thanks for reading, please forward to as many people as you can to get the word out.


Thanks Tina.

I'll do it even though Dull and Brrrrr are no doubt sick of hearing from me. And given their willingness to sentence Navy pilots to death at the Site C OLF, I doubt they'll much care about a bunch of veterans getting screwed over.


Thanks, Anglico. Every little bit helps, I believe. I just keep reminding them that if they expect my vote in the next election (ha ha) that they will support this issue. Just got through reading the Walter Reed story in the Washington Post - and now am angrier than ever. Such a shame. Everyone thinks the yellow ribbon magnet on the car is doing so much. What a waste.


Done - thanks for posting this. You're right - slapping a $3 magnet on the back of your SUV doesn't do a whole lot to support the troops, does it?

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