Reality Check: Bush to visit 82nd barracks today

I recently wrote about the funding that was finally approved to fix the substandard housing at Fort Bragg just in time for Military Families First weekend.

It's sadly indicative of not only the current administration, but the prior near decade of complete Republican control over all government agencies, what it takes for any "progress" to finally happen for the average working American. It's tragically no different for our hard working military, in spite of all the "support our troops" rhetoric from those that do anything but...


Today's Fayetteville Observer.

Bush to visit 82nd barracks

President Bush today will visit 82nd Airborne Division barracks that appeared in an online video showing poor living conditions for soldiers.

Bush is visiting Fort Bragg as part of All American Week, a celebration of the 82nd Airborne Division.

The video, shot last month by a soldier’s father, showed mold, peeling paint and a pool of sewage on a flooded bathroom floor of the 1950s Korean War-era barracks.

The footage spurred outcry from Army and political leaders and led the Army to reform its maintenance program.

"The president is looking forward to his visit to Fort Bragg, and he thinks it’s important to see where the paratroopers and soldiers live," said Jean Staton Mamo, deputy assistant to the president and director of media affairs.

George Bush may not be on the ballot in November, but his legacy and his allies, like my opponent, Robin Hayes are front and center. If you've had enough of watching our National Guard, reserves, active duty soldiers, and our veterans get little more than political posturing, photo ops, and empty promises, join me in my Rally for Reality to send Bush and Robin Hayes a message that their time really is done and come this January we are going to start truly honoring the service and sacrifice of our Military, not just pose with them.


Please remember

In addition to sending Bush and Hayes a Reality Check, please remember the USO and all the veterans groups that need your help in honor of this upcoming Memorial Day.

Thank you.

Larry Kissell
Democratic Candidate for Congress
North Carolina's 8th District

Someone Working...For a Change

Larry Kissell
Democratic Candidate for Congress
North Carolina's 8th District

Someone Working...For a Change

It must be hard to be a soldier

Imagine being one of the soldiers at Bragg who has to bust butt to clean things up for a fancy show-and-tell for Bush. That would be the same cowardly frat boy who went AWOL when he was in the National Guard and whose daddy got him off the hook from serving in Vietnam. Never will more troops been more embarrassed by the vacuous "leadership" coming from the Commander in Chief than on this sad day.

NCDP Rally in Fayetteville to Support 21st Century GI Bill

Thank you Larry for continuing to shine a bright light on the mental-vacuum in-cheif. This is an invitation to all, especially the active-duty and their families:

RALEIGH -- President George W. Bush must honor his contract with the military by approving a 21st Century G.I. Bill that is worthy of their sacrifice and service to our country.

We join President Bush in his praise of the 82nd Airborne as he participates in their Division Review, a rich Army tradition that spans generations.

We also call on the President to match hollow promises to “support the troops” with meaningful action in supporting the Webb G.I. Bill.

That is why the North Carolina Democratic Party is hosting a rally at 3 p.m. on Thursday at the Arthur D. Smith Recreation Center at Seabrook Park in Fayetteville. The address is 1520 Slater Street.

Speakers will include Kara Hollingsworth, April Padilla and Phillip Gilfus.

As military wives and a former Army officer, respectively, they have the first-hand knowledge to understand that investing in the future of our returning troops and veterans is as critical as providing them the resources they need on the battlefield.

But President George W. Bush and his Republican allies have called a bipartisan bill that would expand educational benefits to our 21st century soldiers “too generous” and he has threatened to veto it.

Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole is a leading co-sponsor of a watered-down version that falls significantly short of honoring the service and sacrifice of our troops.

Our men and women responded bravely to the call to serve our country. They deserve nothing less than our best when they return home.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Progressive Discussions

Please pass the word that our soldiers deserve better!

It is a ashame that this White House uses the soldiers when they are pushing an agenda. They treat our soldiers with such disrespect and now Bush comes to pretend he cares when we all know he DOES NOT! Stand with our military and ask that they get the mental health treatment they deserve and aGI Bill that actually covers the cost of a college education.

But the greatest thing you can do is SEND LARRY KISSELL to Washington to be an advocate for families like mine. With Memorial Day on the horizon, let's honor our veterans and soldiers by electing candidates that stand with them and not use SUPPORT THE TROOPS as a bumper sticker. Have a great day and thank a veteran, soldier and their families for their daily sacrifices.