Recount recount

In North Carolina, liberals have given the Evil Empire a lot of grief for contesting Cooper's election. But on the federal level, we're mounting our own presidential challenges in six states based on evidence of criminal activities, irregularities, and any other kind of screw-ups. There will be complaints filed like crazy.

So what's the difference? If we're against McCrory's shenanigans, shouldn't we oppose the Clinton recount too? Structurally, they seem similar, but substantively, they're as different as can be.

The substance of the Clinton / Stein challenge is grounded in academic research and NSA intelligence reports that suggests hacking and Russian interference. These questions have been swirling around Trump for months, and it's time they got addressed.

In North Carolina, however, the McCrory challenge is based on nothing. There's no evidence of fraud or mismanagement, except in Bladen County where it's still not clear what happened. Every other complaint by the McCrory campaign has been been flat out rejected by election boards throughout the state.

So there's your difference. One campaign is talking about evidence of real, foreign threats to our democracy. The other campaign is making shit up, throwing it against the wall, hoping something will stick.



That ruthless quality

We need to remember that the adversary we're working against is both ruthless and amoral. Whatever it takes to gain and keep control is fair game. Cheating is an established best practice.

They're definitely very different situations

Just the national security questions alone would demand a closer look into those particular states, and if Trump was 1/10 the "intrepid leader" his supporters think/claim he is, he would be leading the effort to uncover any foreign influence (not to mention espionage) that targeted specific states. Frankly, I'd like the NSA to take a look at Durham's computer system, to see if any hacking occurred there to screw up their process. Too much of a damn coincidence that such a high Dem turnout county would crash like that.

Nothing sticks when there's

Nothing sticks when there's nothing there.