Removal of Christian war memorial brings out Militia

Who also happen to be the ones who created it in the first place:

The City of King last week removed a statue of a soldier kneeling before a cross from the Veteran’s Memorial at King Central Park as part of a settlement agreement on a lawsuit. King resident David Dombrosky got the idea last week to kneel at the site in peaceful protest on Sunday.

The Stokes County Militia organization rallied around Dombrosky, who is a militia member, by officially sponsoring the event. Darrell Calloway, commander of the militia, got a city permit for the event. Word spread on social media.

I would describe these folks as "militia-lite," as they generally gather together for community projects and don't stalk around in uniform, open-carrying assault rifles and such. That being said, once you slide down that Prepper rabbit hole, it's hard to predict future behavior.