Rep. Mike Stone: Gambling with the Truth

The Rant has busted Rep. Mike Stone lying in print. Last week, ProgressNC held an event calling for Mike Stone to donate the $4000 campaign contribution he received from Chase Burns (something other politicians, like Pat McCrory have done) to education-related causes. In response, Stone told The Sanford Herald that he was instructed to “hold onto this money and not touch it.”

The Rant knew better and contacted the State Board of Elections. We’ll let The Rant take it from here:

“Joshua Lawson, a spokesman for the North Carolina State Board of Elections, confirmed on Friday that there had been telephone correspondence between Stone and the board. Lawson said Burns’ donations are the subject of a probe by the State Bureau of Investigation, and that if they’re found to have been made illegally, anybody in receipt of those donations would be required to pay the same amount into a state fund dedicated to education, regardless of whether the campaign committee had donated the same amount of money to charity. But Lawson stressed the state board does not advise candidates whether they should retain or donate contributions that have not been determined to be illegal.”

What to do now? Well, unlike many races in the NC House, this one is actually competitive. Stone is being challenged by Brad Salmon, and according to recent a Civitas poll, Salmon is in the lead. Consider supporting Salmon in these final weeks. And, make sure to ask Stone which he has less respect for—education or the truth.