Rep. Mike Stone misleads media and the public

Bitching about a letter he never received:

Earlier that day, Stone came to the class and asked the teacher for his daughter’s letter, Williams said. “I think this whole thing took legs when Representative Stone released his daughter’s letter,” Williams said.

Bolding mine. That's right, this "letter" was never mailed, Stone went to the school and took it. And then he proceeded to put on a dog and letter show, not once clarifying that the letter was never sent to him:

(CBS/AP) RALEIGH, N.C. -- A North Carolina lawmaker doesn't think it was right for his daughter and her third-grade class to write to him and other elected officials protesting possible cuts in state education spending.

Republican state Rep. Mike Stone says his daughter asked in her note to "please raise the budget, dad" and help keep two teacher assistants employed.

Stone told WRAL-TV: "As I read through this (letter), anger completely shot through me, and I was trying to hold myself together. (It's unconscionable) to know any education system would use a daughter against her father."

In more current interviews, Stone is (now) including the salient fact that he actually went to the school and obtained the document, probably because he realized it was a (class)work in progress and wouldn't actually show up in his mailbox. But initially, he let everybody believe that he'd either received it in the mail or his daughter had brought it home to him.

Which begs the question: Just who is using his daughter as a political pawn more, Democrats/Governor Perdue/NCAE (who had nothing to do with said letter), or Dad, who pranced around with the damn letter in his hand?