Rep Price to Attend SEANC Health Care Town Hall

Last week I let everyone know about Town Halls on Health Care that are being held across the state by the State Employees Association of NC, SEIU Local 2008.

Since then we have a few updates, including a Western NC event, and 2 Congressmen!

First, we have added an event at 7 pm on September 2nd at the Haywood Community College Auditorium in Clyde, NC. I know many folks west of I-77 feel like they get the short end of the stick from state wide organizations and I wanted to assure folks that we will have a Western event.

Second, We got confirmation that a few Congressmen are attending our events. The Press Release is here (PDF) but the short and the sweet is that our event in Durham tomorrow will have Congressman David Price.

Last night in Lillington we had Congressman Bob Etheridge, who did a fantastic job. He was calm, well informed and a great advocate on the need for true Health Care Reform. Some news stories(not all, just what I could find a few quick searches) about the event are here:
Fayetteville Observer
ABC 11

Tonight at 6:45 at the Miller Morgan Building at NC Central SEANC will be joined by Rep David Price and I hope that all of you are able to make it. SEANC has hosted 3 town halls so far, 1 with a congressman, and they have all been generally civil affairs if heated at times. I hope that tonight's event is similarly peaceful and we have a good discussion about what health care reform should look like.


Easy questions for the town halls...

Does an insurance plan saying "we'll cover this treatment/consult/medicine" mean that you'll be forced to take that treament/consult/medicine?

How many times have you done something that was explicitly covered in your plan, only to have the plan deny payment?

Well, that's the reverse-genesis of the "death panel" vitriol that none other than the all-wise Sarah Palin is pushing again today on her facebook page -- seriously.

At the risk of debating on the idiots' turf, let's say for the sake of argument that H3200 (one of the many plans under consideration in Congress) does cover hospice consults.

Do any other existing private insurance plans cover hospice care? Sure.

Is anyone protesting those existing private insurance plans? No.

Just because a governemnt plan covers root canals, will everyone be forced to get a root canal? No.

Illogic illuminated .


Rep. Price, I've got some more ranting for your event

Is it true that gummit health care will force everyone to get hair transplants OR DIE?!

How can you be so careless to force people with full heads of perfectly good hair to get hair transplants?!

How can you justify the impact on the federal deficit?

Answer me, you crazy commiefascictautobureaucratdeatheaterlover!


Reasons for hating health care reform

The reasons for the "Just Say No" crowd's hating HealthCareReform is success. They fear its passage and that people will be very happy with it. The success of that plan and others for Obama could spell across the board losses for their party for years to come. And it is also about race as much as I hate to come to terms with it. My daughter was the only white kid in her entire sixth grade to be for Obama in the mock elections. And the rumors that swirled about him are too outrageous to even be worth mentioning. My point is that the JSN's are so desperate for Obama to fail that they will even hurt themselves with bad healthcare for the cause. It's the bitter truth. On a better note, about 4 months after the election, once the kids found out that Obama was not going to kill them all, they think he's really cool.