Rep. Virginia Foxx Blames Mortgage Crisis on Welfare Mentality

As I sat and listened to the debate on H.R. 1106 on Thursday, I could not believe my ears. North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx blamed the mortgage crisis on the welfare mentality of dishonest borrowers who never intended to pay the money back. I have never been so ashamed of something that I personally did not say or do. It was disheartening to hear such bigotry come from a North Carolina representative to congress.

Fortunately, Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida set Foxx straight.


Great video

Poor Virginia Foxx. She doesn't even know what she's talking about.

I hope Brad Miller will watch this and be prepared to respond if possible. Foxx's singing the siren song of the right wing noise machine.

For awhile there, I thought Foxx was talking about bankers on the bring not homeowners in financial trouble. She should have been talking about them. Half the blame goes there. That's right. Exactly half.


Rep. Foxx has for years now occupied that incredible zone of elected officials who assert things that are beyond rational belief. Her re-election is an example of what happens when districts are so gerrymandered that the favored party nominee is essentially untouchable in the general election.

I recall hearing her assert at a public event in 2005 that the Iraq war was justified because "they attacked us". I'm serious. Two years after the invasion, she was standing up in front of an auditorium primarily populated by men and women returning from duty in Iraq, and their families, and making a claim that any American who can read should understand was false.

Please, no matter where you live in North Carolina, help us redress this incredible degree of district gerrymandering when the Congressional districts are realigned following the 2010 census.

Dan Besse