Replacing the Irreplaceable Ellie Kinnaird.

We know now Ellie Kinnaird has resigned her seat in the NC Senate. There are several people who would like the appointment to replace her, which will occur in about 10 days. Any thoughts from here about the candidates? Opinions, or information on their qualifications?

So far, they are Alice Bordsen, who represented Alamance County; attorney Heidi Chapman; retiring Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton; state Rep. Valerie Foushee; attorney M. Lynette Hartsell; former Carrboro Mayor Jim Porto; and author and educator Amy Tiemann.


An embarrassment of riches

I've met all of the candidates except for Hartsell and Porto. They're excellent public servants, all reasonably progressive.

I've endorsed Mark Chilton because he's the person who meets my desire for a firebrand of sorts ... an aggressively outspoken leader.

Well, someone is making a survey call...

This call seems overly concerned with whether a woman is chosen to replace Senator Kinnaird. It also asks the 'liberal' or 'conservative' view of the callee.

I can sort of see the argument that a woman should be replaced with another woman. I also know many men who could represent women very well, and some women currently (or formerly) serving who do not serve their constituents of either persuasion very well at all.

What we need is a Democrat who can serve the people. Opinions, anyone?

There is a strong sentiment for a woman

at least that's what I hear around town ... and from my wife. And as a semi-radical feminist, I tend to share that sentiment. If there was a woman who would use the platform to be an outspoken and fire-breathing progressive, I would go for her. But I know most of the women involved and none fit that bill.

(I hasten to add, many do not want an elected official who is a fire-breathing progressive. I understand their rationale, but respectfully disagree.)

Might any of these good folks primary David Price?

The 4th district is such a strongly progressive district, there is no excuse for not getting rid of our defense-industry-shill-of-a-congressman.

Primary turnouts tend to be low-vote affairs, so this could be a fantastic opportunity to finally get a progressive House Representative that we can be proud of!

Freshman Rep. Foushee to fill Kinnaird's Senate seat

RALEIGH, N.C. — Freshman state Rep. Valerie Foushee will replace resigning Chapel Hill Democrat Ellie Kinnaird in the North Carolina Senate.

A committee of Orange and Chatham County Democrats selected Foushee, D-Orange, from a list of four contenders, including Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton, former state Rep. Alice Bordsen and well-known author and blogger Amy Tiemann. She will serve the remainder of Kinnaird's term, expiring December 2014. this afternoon.

Martha Brock