Report connects Tea Party leaders with white supremacist groups

NAACP connects the dots, but is it in time?

The new report describes what it calls links between tea party factions and white supremacist groups, anti-immigrant organizations and militias, according to a news release issued by the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, which wrote the document.

Not only have tea parties given platforms to extremists, the news release said, the movement is a recruiting ground for hard-core white nationalists who are “hoping to push these (white) protesters toward a more self-conscious and ideological white supremacy.”

Many conservatives I've spoken with are attracted to the "fractured" nature of the movement; the lack of top-down control, as it were. I think there's (a lot) more top-downishness going on than they want to acknowledge, with FreedomWorks (Dick Armey), AFP (Pope/Koch), Americans For Tax Reform (Grover Norquist) and several others funding, coordinating, transporting bodies to, etc.

But these top-downers don't give a hoot in hell if these movements are riddled with uber-nationalist/white supremacists, because they're just using their followers for short-term political gains. Putting their members at risk, or even putting the country at risk, means less than nothing to them.

From the original article in the Kansas City Star:

The report cites numerous examples of what it said were racism and extremism within the tea party movement. Some of them, according to the news releases:

•The St. Louis-based Council of Conservative Citizens, the largest white nationalist group in the country, has both led and promoted tea party protests. Roan Garcia-Quintana, a member of ResistNet who served as media spokesman for a 2010 Tax Day Tea Party in South Carolina, is on the national board of directors for the Council of Conservative Citizens.

•Clayton Douglas, a former information officer for the New Mexico Militia, is a member of the ResistNet tea party. He uses his profile on the ResistNet website to advertise his own “Free American” website, on which he promotes anti-Semitism.

•The Wood County Tea Party in Texas is led by a woman who used to be involved with the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

•The 1776 Tea Party — also known as — is led by Stephen Eichler, executive director of the Minuteman Project, an anti-immigrant border patrol group often referred to as vigilantes.

Here's the report itself (slightly overweight pdf).


those tea party and

those tea party and supremacists must be stop on doing those bad things, they just do whatever they want to gain politics??? come on you would sacrifice your members just for that, they should gave importance to each of their members and for our country.. for the members of these groups guys think twice or thrice if your leaders were truly passionate and honest to their goals for the benefit of our country and not for their selves only..