Republicans continue to spin teacher walk-in

Trying to use it as a weapon against Roy Cooper:

Both lawmakers called on state Attorney General Roy Cooper to investigate the situation. “Schools have a duty to educate and protect our children, not serve as marching grounds for political protests orchestrated by unions,” Berger and Hunt said in a joint statement Wednesday. “We are deeply disturbed the NCAE is encouraging teachers to turn their backs on their classrooms and leave their students in the care of strangers who may lack formal training and background checks.”

“If the Senate was so concerned about students they wouldn’t have drastically shortchanged our public schools,” Cooper said in a written statement. “I can understand why teachers are beyond frustrated, but I don’t think they should leave the classroom.”

When I read that tripe from Berger and Hunt I almost fell over in my chair. But I will let one of the commenters on this article explain why:

Last session the NCGA passed or introduced bills that took away extra pay for teachers with master's degrees, made it optional for teachers to be certified, made it optional to do background checks for charter school teachers, increased funding for programs that place non-certified teachers in classrooms, and decreased funding for a program that is nationally recognized for training highly effective certified teachers.

And NOW they are claiming they give a flying fig about students having people who "lack formal training and background checks" in their classroom?!?!?! Just when I think the Republican leadership in North Carolina has reached the lowest point possible, they pick up a shovel and start digging deeper into the pit of lies and stupidity.

Exactly. Every time they open their mouth they are either claiming they're doing something good that they aren't or blaming others for doing bad things they've already done. It's like having "Opposite Day" every day of the fricking week.


Beyond spin

Phil & Neal found a one-sided article headlined "North Carolina senators, parents take issue with walk-in school action" and tried to make all the hay out of it that they could.

It turns out that the NC senators taking issue with the protests are...well...Phil & Neal, and that the 's' on "parents" is a typo, because it's really...well...just one parent. Phil & Neal ignored the more balanced article headlined "GOP, conservatives complain about Monday teacher protests" which more accurately reflects who is complaining about the protests.

Methinks that Phil & Neal simply don't want the negative publicity and further slams to their popularity ratings that will come when teachers protest.

Maybe that's why Neal has resorted to the despicable lie (this is way, way beyond spin, it's a despicable lie) of calling these "walk-in" protests a "strike". Yes, really:

"NCAE teachers strike", says Neal. Did we mention that's a despicable lie?

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

About that parent...

She's a rabid anti-Obamacare critic who works in PR for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and she's trying to make this story go viral in RWNJ land:

It's plain to me that this is more about her than her kids. But that's (unfortunately) not a rare thing with parents these days.

I think it's real

I read a few Tweets where she went to x location to answer questions about signing up for the ACA. But considering her stance, I can't picture her being "helpful" in advising people how to navigate the system.

Hi! I'm here to help you sign up for Obamacare

Now, if you'll just sign this waiver to acknowledge that if you login to, your body will break out in horrible painful boils all over, and if you actually enroll, your soul will be doomed to hell for eternity. Also, BCBS gets your firstborn and you agree to participate in an "Impeach Obama!" rally while carrying a scary looking sidearm. Sign here please.

["Sorry, boss...I offered to help a whole lot of people sign up, but no one did"]

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

And as for their fake concern about kids...

...if Phil & Neal were really worried about "strangers" being around schoolkids, they wouldn't have allowed guns on school playgrounds (and as for those "background checks", they don't seem to think those are necessary for the pistol-packin' Petes who are allowed to bring guns to school playgrounds).


"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis