Republicans shout down the House, McHenry spews

After I left Capitol Hill yesterday, all hell broke loose over denying services to illegal aliens. Republicans started screaming. It's hilarious. Deiphilus has the video:

Then, this morning, Steny Hoyer (my new congressman) tried to make nice, only briefly alluding to the times Republicans cheated treated the minority poorly. Here's that video.

Earlier in the morning, McHenry called Democrats cheats. Who else could do it so whiningly. I guess he forgets about all the times Republicans turned off the power when Democrats wanted to hold briefings. The sickest part of this video is how many times he refers with such a derogatory tone to people who have entered this country without documentation as "illegals." Is that the new n-word?



You mean people who vote illegally? Like....Aaron Lay?

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Yeah, our Pat is the law and order guy

That's what he said at his "virtual" town hall. And Aaron Lay can't be illegal, remember, because he's a "good Christian boy." It's those evil Republican prosecutors who donated to his campaign. They somehow have it in for that poor good Christian boy. I guess that's why Pat didn't answer any of the questions about it at the town hall.
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