Republicans target (NC) House seats

With help from the Puppetshow's pollsters:

State Republicans are highlighting seven Democratic House seats they believe could go their way in the fall based on polling results published by two conservative-leaning polling outfits.

The polls were conducted over the last few months for the conservative Civitas Institute and by the Carolina Strategy Group, a Raleigh firm whose principals lean Republican.

The first thing I thought of when I read this was: It's a trick. Then I thought: They want me to think it's a trick...I should probably go easy on the John Le Carre novels. ;)

Here are the races in question:

* Rep. Alice Underhill, a New Bern Democrat faces Norman Sanderson in November. The campaign is a rematch from two years ago.

* Rep. Arthur Williams, a Washington Democrat, vs. Republican Bill Cook.

• Rep. Van Braxton, a Kinston Democrat, is in a rematch against Republican Stephen LaRoque.

* Democratic Rep. Randy Stewart of Rocky Mount vs. Republican Jeff Collins.

* Democratic Rep. Jimmy Love of Sanford vs. Republican Mike Stone.

* Democrat Jane Whilden of Asheville vs. Tim Moffitt.

* Democratic Rep. Lorene Coates of Salisbury vs. Republican Harry Warren.

* Democratic Rep. Cullie Tarleton of Blowing Rock vs. Republican Jonathan Jordan.

Hat tip to Ben Niolet on this. Good work.


I disagree

I don't think we're out of the woods with Braxton. He's in a rematch with his '08 opponent, former Rep. Stephen Laroque, who he only beat %51.6 to %48.4 -- just about a 1,000 vote difference.

According to the SBOE 2nd quarter reports Braxton is on top with fundraising -- about $22,000 to about $7,500. But neither of those numbers are exactly stellar, and I'm sure the Repubs will pump his opponent full of cash if they smell blood in the water.


When was the last time Civitas gave Dems any credit? Remember this was the same group that predicted McCain and Myers Park Pat would win.

When they do happen

to give Dems credit for something, it's a sure bet they've got some ulterior motive for doing such.