Residents with GenX-tainted wells not happy with carbon filtration fix


They say Chemours needs to connect them with city water instead:

Two residents participating in a pilot study that is testing whether water filter systems can remove GenX and similar contaminants say they prefer municipal water lines. The residents — Mike Watters and Fran Minshew — said they made the decision after seeing test results Chemours sent to the state Department of Environmental Quality. Their homes are among six with the granular-activated carbon filtration systems.

Chemours has offered to install the filter systems at homes with wells that have GenX levels above the state’s provisional health goal for the compound. Thus far, the state has said the filters would not be approved as a long-term solution.

This is (of course) typical of how most private corporations approach remedial actions when they contaminate water wells. Trying to avoid the expense of running water lines to these people, they use these on-site "fixes" as a test program, and they get to run the tests. When have you ever heard one of these companies say, "Oh, this is not working like we'd hoped."? Exactly, never. And these folks are also worried about continued support from Chemours going down the road, because apparently the filtration systems need a lot of maintenance:

Watters said nearly all of his neighbors also want municipal water. With regard to the granular activated carbon system, Watters said, “I’m not accepting it. Give me municipal water or they can buy my house.”

Minshew said the people she has talked to feel the same way. In addition to concerns about the filters’ effectiveness, she worries about future maintenance of the systems. Workers come out to work on the filter systems every week, Minshew said.

“I don’t think they’re going to come out and service them like they are now,” she said. “I just think I’d be better off if I take the municipal water.”

This is just one more reason Democrats need to take back the General Assembly. There's no way in hell Republicans would do the right thing and force Chemours to connect municipal water to these families. And if they did write any such legislation, it would have so many back doors for polluters to escape responsibility it would be worthless.