The Return of the Black Jesse Helms

That's what Vernon Robinson calls himself, by the way. Who is Vernon Robinson? Well right now he's best described as the Republican who wants to challenge Democrat Mel Watt for the 12th congressional district seat in November. Ask Watt what he thinks about the challenge, and he'll say "[g]iven how Vernon has run campaigns, I'll just sit back and enjoy the fight." And how has Robinson run campaigns? Here's a tidbit from August of 2004 (when he was running for the US House in the 5th district):

The Robinson campaign is best characterized as highly negative. The councilman joined Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado in criticizing President George W. Bush on immigration policy. Robinson even stated that the Republican Party was to blame for America’s immigration crisis. The rhetoric was so hot that former U.S. Rep. Jack Kemp withdrew his endorsement of Robinson. It was later reported by that the Bush campaign quietly informed Robinson’s staff to resign for the sake of their careers.

Vernon Robinson: Bad For Bush And Wrong For North Carolina - Guest

Yikes. And that's from a right-wing author! Remember the Lil'est Wingnut, Nathan Tabor? Robinson, running against Tabor in the 2004 primary, called him pro-abortion and pro-gay, too liberal for the job. That's a bit like calling Richard Nixon too trusting and kind-hearted. Robinson also called Virginia Foxx (who won the seat) too liberal, saying: "With her liberal record I did not believe she would be able to get a toe-hold in the race, but she ran away from her record and told people she was just like Vernon, only old and white."

The reality based community in the 12th has a winner in Mel Watt. For everyone else, I guess, there's Robinson. Let the games begin.


What fun!

If our goal is to help North Carolina voters understand the absurdity of the Republican Party, we should all be pulling for this clown to win his party's primary.

A Cowboy and Vernon on interstate 85?

h one other thing Doug that I forgot about! You remember a couple of weeks ago, that I had a strange dream about brother Robertson running as a Democrat against Congressperson Foxx. Well it appears that the subway sandwich that I ate had it half subway right. It appears that Brother Robertson has jump into another district to wipe out Congressman Watt for good this time. I notice that Brother Robertson is using the same old conservative attack program against Congressman Watt, Calling him a gay supporter, Wanting him to send home his landscaper and grasscutter back to Mexico because his driver licence is a fake and whole thing about Bush being a NSA spy is because Congressman Watt force him into it by showing him the Bill of Rights. I can just see Brother Robertson campaign billboards down interstate 85 to Charlotte for the next 10 months. A picture of Congressman Watt dress as a cowboy on top brokenback mountain. Right now! I have map quest in front of me and it looks like I can get to Charlotte by the backway of Sanford.

Well make that a nightmare that I had Doug!


You're talking about Vernon Robinson. As a resident of the 12th district, I'm looking forward to a lively campaign for a change -- as long as Vernon doesn't go too crazy. It wouldn't hurt Mel Watt to be tweaked a little. He's never had any real competition.