Robin Hayes and God's Texas Sugar Daddy

Campaign reports show that Robin Hayes received $2,100 from Texan Dr James Leininger, known as "God's Sugar Daddy" and $2,100 from Cecelia Leininger his wife 11/03/2006. Leininger and Bob Perry are the top two Republican donors in Texas. What is it about these Texas right-wing zealots and North Carolina Congressional races?

Leininger's influence in Texas politics and, schools in particular, is documented in a chapter called James Leininger: Sugar Daddy of the Religious Right in a report, "The Anatomy of Power: Texas and the Religious Right in 2006", by the Texas Freedom Network.

Like Art Pope in North Carolina, Leininger doesn't just finance Republican causes, he actively supports those candidates who agree with his hard-right views and targets moderates for removal. He started the Texas Public Policy Foundation, not unlike the John Locke Foundation, a conservative state think-tank modeled on the Heritage Foundation. Like JLF the TPPF has spin-offs like the Texas Justice Foundation and multiple "Policy Centers". Leininger has a penchant for forming PACs with innocuous names, largely funded by himself, that are used to influence specific issues or races.

The issue, if not obsession, that is closest to Leininger's heart is school vouchers while others are the related issues of abortion, abstinence, christian schools and control of the Texas State Board of Education. A recent research article by shows how Leininger has "spent millions trying to buy political power in Texas".

A blog by Vince Leibowitz at from which the above photo comes from talks about Leininger's Texans for School Choice PAC 2006 pro-voucher campaign also described in an AP article in the Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram


Damn, Greg.

Looks like Puppetmasters are cloning themselves. Five'll get you ten this guy is a closet satan-worshipper pseudosexual who's still mad at his mommy because he never got breast-fed. The picture perfect patron for Flipper Hayes.

Doesn't it make you sick

spending hours researching the activities (and therefore the minds) of awful people like this? I spent a few weeks on Taylor stuff and literally had to stop, it was so disgusting.

Thanks so much for doing it, though. I'm sure this is not the last we're going to hear about him or his clones.
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the Drama.

Its all about the money

Follow the cash to see where support comes from.

Wingnuts and PACs versus Real people giving 20 bucks each.

"Keep the Faith"