Robin Hayes strands Cruz supporters kicking them off his private plane

Robin Hayes just can't help himself. He lost his job in Congress after telling one too many lies and now he's put his pettiness on full display in Cleveland.

According to the CharO:

When North Carolina Republican Chairman Robin Hayes asked fellow delegate Ted Hicks on Thursday what he thought of the convention speech by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Hicks was candid.

“I thought it was a fine speech,” said Hicks, who’d flown to Cleveland aboard Hayes’ private Pilatus plane.

But he was startled by Hayes’ reply.

“I think you need to ride the bus home,” Hayes told Hicks and fellow Cruz supporter Rod Chaney.

Both men had to scramble to find rides home.

Robin Hayes knew these men were Cruz supporters when he promised to fly them to and from the convention in Cleveland....but then...Robin Hayes is the king of broken promises.

Long-time readers of BlueNC will remember in 2006 when Robin Hayes had a terrible time telling the truth about his vote on CAFTA.

Here was a man who traveled across his district in 2005 promising his constituents that he would vote against CAFTA. In the end, he turned out to be just another spineless corporate puppet and he broke that promise.

It's been almost 11 years since Robin Hayes cried crocodile tears on the floor of the house after screwing over his constituents. He's had 11 years to come to terms with having been so weak and pathetic.

You would think that after suffering through that humiliation Hayes would have learned something about doing unto others.

Instead, Robin Hayes has let his pettiness shine through. This is a classic example of money not being able to buy class.



Petty and vindictive

No doubt he's embarrassed that he couldn't summon up the leadership skills to motivate people to present a unified front in support of the Great Orange Dictator. But of course the rank and file won't be bothered by this, and some will probably admire him for it.