Rowan Christianmissioners sp’ilin’ fer a fight

Sometimes you feel it in your bones. Evangelicals in Rowan County have been sp’ilin’ fer a fight ever since they lost prayer in the schools. It just rankles them. Then came further persecution of their religion when WalMart, surely the right arm of the devil, decided to wish people the abomination of “Happy Holidays.”

In 2007, the County Commissioners reveled in placing the words “In God We Trust” on the front of the County building where they hold their meetings. And inside they opened their meetings with prayer.

But those prayers, protestant Christian prayers, were threatened recently when Godly and Christian Forsyth County lost a court case over a similar practice. If WalMart had been the devils’ right arm, the ACLU was the devil incarnate, and he was banging on the door.

Yet the good Christian Commissioners did not flinch. Vowing to spend whatever it took, vowing to go to jail if necessary, they continued to pray their prayer, while Evangelicals filled the lower floor lobby in a Bible-waving rally that resembled an old-fashioned revival meeting. It’s not whether they win or lose, it’s the fight that matters.

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